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Addie and Alexis- Part 1

Addison Matthews was sprawled out on the large black leather couch in the large cozy den in the home she shared with her mother, Téa. She had a binder open on the coffee table in front of the couch, was holding a novel in one hand, and a pen in the other. Her golden blond hair was pulled up into a messy pony tail and she was wearing a pair of square, thin black rimmed glasses, complimenting her fair skin.

She was so deeply focused on the essay she was working on that she didn’t hear the clicking of her mother’s stylish leather high-heeled boots on the hardwood floor as she made her way down in the door and down the hall toward the den, where she noticed the light on. She entered the room, and only then did Addison look up.

“Hi Mom,” Addison said nonchalantly, as her mother walked further into the room, and approached her, sitting down on the couch next to her.

“Something came in the mail today, I was wondering if you would know anything about it” Téa said as she pulled her briefcase up to rest on her knees. She opened it, and started digging around until she found what she was looking for. She pulled out a piece of paper, folded, with a “City of Kawartha Lakes” stamp on it.

“What is it?” Addison asked and she gently took the paper from Téa’s hand.

“Well, it appears to be a complaint for an unpaid speeding ticket. Now, I know I didn’t get this ticket. And since you don’t have a license, I assume it wasn’t you. So that leaves me with a dilemma. Who could have been driving my car?” Téa said evenly, brushing a misplaced piece of her chestnut brown side-swept bangs out her eyes, and tucking strands of her shoulder-length hair behind her ear, while waiting for her silent daughter to respond.

“Addie, did you let someone else drive my car? Possibly a certain best friend who just got her license?” she asked, tapping her daughter on the knee.

“Um….well…no.” Addie answered.

“Um well no? Don’t you dare lie to me Addison Matthews,” Téa warned sternly.

“Okay okay, fine. It was my fault. When you were away last month and Bailey stayed here with me we wanted to go out and have pizza so we used your car.” Bailey is Addie’s best friend, nearly two years older, and had recently acquired a driver’s license.

“But the ticket is under your name,” Téa observed.

“Well…that’s the thing,” Addie started, unable to finish. Her mother would be furious if she knew the truth. She might even be mad enough to…

“What’s the thing?!” Téa demanded, feeling a flash of anger come over her. She took a deep breath as she waited for her answer.

“I was driving,” Addie said quickly and quietly, hoping against some miraculous odds that Téa wouldn’t hear her and let it go.

“You were driving? My fourteen year old daughter was DRIVING?”

“I know, I know I shouldn’t have been, but Bailey’s Dad let her drive before she got her license! It’s how she learned. And we didn’t drive in town or anything, we went out to a back road!” Addie explained, hoping that it might make sense.

“Oh, you went out to a back road. Well that makes everything better.” Téa said sarcastically. “Addie, you don’t have a license! It’s illegal! How did you not get a ticket for that?”

“I don’t know” Addie said, looking at the ground and beginning to squirm a little.

“If you make me pry every single answer out of you, so help me…” Téa warned.

“Fine, fine! I lied and told the cop that I just forgot my license at home. He asked me a bunch of questions about stuff, I answered him, and he just let it go and gave me a speeding ticket.”

“And you didn’t think it would be a good idea to tell me about it? Or at the very least, to pay it?” Téa asked pointedly.

“I didn’t want you to get mad” Addie said, looking away.

“You mean you broke one of the very few rules I have about breaking the law, and then you lied so that you wouldn’t have to deal with the consequences. Am I right young lady?” she asked, placing her hand on Addie’s arm. Addie moved away from Téa’s touch and crossed her arms.

“No, I just forgot about it!” Addie stressed.

“Okay, why don’t you go get it then?” Téa asked, suspecting another lie.


“Go get it please, I’d like to see it.”

“Uh….okay” Addie said, slowly getting up and leaving the den. She made her way down the hall and into the kitchen where she had left her bag. Not that it mattered. She tore the ticket up nearly a month ago when she got the ticket to make sure her mother didn’t find out. She leaned up against the kitchen counter and put her head in her hands trying to come up with some sort of explanation. Her heart skipped a beat when she heard the clicking of her mother’s boots on the floor once again as she made her way to the kitchen.

“Addie? Did you find it?” Téa asked, entering the kitchen.

“I…I can’t find it.” Addie said.

“Please don’t lie to me. I want to know exactly what happened to it, and I want to know right now” Téa demanded in her best district attorney tone, which she practiced daily at work, and quite often at home as well, much to the dismay of her daughter. She pulled off her long black trench coat and hung it on the back of a kitchen chair as she waited for an answer. She crossed her arms and stared at her daughter who was visibly panicking inside, trying to come up with a lie, and one that her mother might actually believe.


It was no use, her mother would know she was lying anyways.

“I threw it out, I didn’t want you to know about it,” she admitted.

“So you drove, illegally. You were speeding, and got a ticket. You lied. Then you didn’t think it was necessary to actually pay the ticket. Am I getting all this right?”

“It’s not that big of a deal Mom! It’s not like anyone got hurt!”

“Don’t take that tone with me young lady. Yes it is a big deal, it’s a huge deal! And thank goodness nobody got hurt. You could have killed yourself!”

“Mom, I said I was sorry! I’ll pay the ticket!” Addie said, starting to seriously worry about what was going to happen to her. Her mother hadn’t mentioned being grounded, or making her spend the weekend at the office helping her file, or cleaning the bathroom. That only meant one thing: a spanking.

“Oh yes you will be paying for the ticket” Téa said, laughing a little, amused that Addie even considered that she wouldn’t be paying for it. “You are grounded for the rest of the week, you will be spending your weekend filing, and you can march yourself straight upstairs and into your bedroom. I want you in the corner. I’ll be up to talk to you shortly,” she said calmly. It was clear that she was angry and that there was no other option but to obey.

“But Mom…” Addie pleaded, her eyes welling up with tears, terrified of the absolute worst punishment imaginable.

“Upstairs. Now,” Téa stressed, pointing toward the stairs.

“I should have stayed at boarding school,” Addie muttered under her breath as she turned and walked toward the stairs.

“Excuse me?” Téa demanded. Addie didn’t respond, and made her way upstairs. Téa let out a deep, strained breath, and plugged the kettle in to make a cup of tea.

Addie did as she was told. She dreaded spankings, and certainly didn’t enjoy the process leading up to one, but she respected her mother, and immediately regretted saying that she would have rather stayed at boarding school. Addie had lived, for 10 months of every year, for the whole of her life, at Lakeside Academy. She loved it there. She had amazing friends and teachers and was enrolled in one of the more prestigious programs being offered. But she missed her mother, and as great as school was, the 2 months she got to spend at home were even better. So she begged to be able to live at home and go to a different school, and after much discussion, Téa agreed, and was thrilled to have her little girl back, all to herself. Addie had just turned thirteen when she moved home, and thought at the time it would be great. And for the most part, it was. The adjustment was hard on both of them. Téa wasn’t used to being much of a disciplinarian, and Addie was used to the discipline of her teachers and advisors, rather than her mom.

Téa, sitting at the kitchen table with her cup of tea, snapped open her briefcase and took out her checkbook. She wrote a check to pay for the ticket, stuffed it in an envelope and addressed it, setting it aside to mail later that evening. She closed her eyes, and the words “I should have stayed at boarding school” echoed over and over in her mind. She knew Addie didn’t mean it, but it stung nonetheless. Téa thought back a year to the first time in Addie’s life that was punished seriously by her mother…


It was a blustery winter day and Addie came home from school in a markedly bad mood. She took her coat off, threw it carelessly on the back of a chair sitting near the entry-way, and proceeded into the kitchen to find a snack.

“Hey sweetie, how was your day?” Téa asked, in the midst of getting an early dinner ready before they were due at Addie’s ballet lesson.

Addie didn’t respond. Rather, she glared at her mother, and left the kitchen. Téa took a deep breath, annoyed by her daughter’s mood, and followed her out into the hallway.

“Addie, I’ve asked you several times to hang your jacket up in the closet. Please put it away.” Téa requested, irritated that she had asked Addie to do the same thing every day, and she never did.

Again, she was ignored. Addie went into the living room, sat down on the couch, and turned the TV on.

“Addie! I asked you to do something. Please do it now” Téa asked again, in a firmer tone.

“I’ll do it later” Addie said. “Besides, I’m going back out in like an hour anyways, there’s no point in putting it away just to take it back out again!”

“Why are you in such a bad mood? Is everything okay?”

“I’m NOT in a bad mood, I’m FINE!” Addie snapped, flipping through channels.

“Well, you don’t seem to be fine. Did something happen at school?” Téa pushed.

“No! And even if it did, it’s none of your business anyways!”

“Don’t take that tone with me Addie, now pick up your coat and put it in the closet, please” she said, trying her very best to remain calm. She and Addie had been having fights like this every day for the past several weeks, and Addie had been warned for several days in a row that if her attitude continued, there would be consequences. The problem was that Téa wasn’t sure what those consequences would be. She grounded Addie, but Addie didn’t care. She wasn’t sure what to do next, and Addie knew that, and proceeded to push boundaries as far as she wanted.

“God, why do you have to be such a bitch all the time!?” Addie exclaimed, getting up with the plan to storm out of the room. Téa caught her arm, stopping her from exiting the room.

“What did you just say to me?” Téa demanded, still holding onto her daughter’s arm.

“I said that you’re being a bitch” Addie said, still unwavering in her tone.

“I don’t care what your problem is Addie, you will not EVER speak to me that way again. Do you understand me?” Téa demanded firmly and angrily, pointing a long, perfectly manicured finger at her daughter. Addie was only slightly taken aback by her mother’s anger.

“Whatever,” Addie responded.

“No, not whatever! It’s I’m sorry mom, I won’t do it again mom. NOT whatever!” Téa lectured in her best lawyer’s voice. “I’ve been dealing with this attitude of yours for weeks and it stops right now. I want you upstairs, in your room, standing in the corner. You’re getting a spanking.” She said.

Addie started laughing. “A spanking? Yeah right!”

Téa had had enough. Before Addie knew what was happening, her mother had pulled her along to the couch, sat down, and had her small daughter over her lap.

“No! Mom! What are you doing?” Addie cried, absolutely shocked that her mother was serious.

“You think I’m joking around? I’m not, I’m serious! You have been rude, you have been snarky, and I have asked you day after day to please stop. I’m done, I’ve had enough.” Téa said, bringing her palm down firmly, slapping Addie’s right cheek.

“Noo!” Addie cried, trying to push herself up and off her mother’s lap.

Téa spanked Addie’s left cheek, then right again, sharply, feeling a slight tingle in her palm.

“Ow! Mom! I’m sorry! I’ll stop, just don’t!” Addie begged.

Téa held Addie tighter, stopping her from moving around too much, and began spanking Addie’s bottom in an even rhythm, alternating from left cheek to right, as Addie yelped and cried, unable to believe what was happening. Téa gave her daughter a dozen or so spanks on each cheek, then stopped.

“Now,” she said calmly, “let’s try this again. I would like you to put your jacket in the closet, then go up to your room and stand in the corner until I come to talk to you. Do you understand me young lady?”

Addie nodded, and mumbled a muffled “yes,” and wiped her eyes.

“Good,” Téa said, letting go of Addie and gently helping her to stand up. Once on her feet Addie rubbed the slight sting in her bottom, and, with eyes filled with tears, went silently into the hallway, picked her coat up, hung it up in the closet, and ran upstairs to her bedroom.

Téa remained on the couch, slightly shocked herself at what she had just done. And it worked. She had never been spanked as a child, but she had friends that were. She wasn’t necessarily opposed to it, she just always assumed that it would be her last resort. And it was. She got up and went into the kitchen, opened the utensil drawer, and took out a large, sturdy wooden spoon. She stood for a minute, contemplating whether or not this was a good idea, and ultimately decided that she had no other choice. With the spoon in hand, she made her way upstairs.

Addie stood in an empty corner, waiting. She assumed that that had been her spanking, so she was more or less just expecting a lecture.

“Addie?” Téa said, entering her room. Addie turned around to see her mother coming into her room, holding a wooden spoon. She knew from the stories of her friends that wooden spoons were popular spanking tools, and immediately realized what was happening.

“Mom….” Addie started, walking towards her mother.

Téa walked toward her, putting her finger to Addie’s lips. “Shhh. Just listen,” she said softly. “Sweetheart, I know that this is a new and different situation for both of us. You’ve never lived with me before, and I’ve never really had to discipline you. But when you decided to move home, we talked about this. And I’ve been very patient with you, and I’ve let you get away with a lot. It’s been an adjustment for you and I both. But your behavior has been unacceptable, and although I’ve given you many opportunities to talk about things, you’ve decided to be rude to me. The way you just spoke to me was totally out of line, and I won’t tolerate it. Your actions are always going to have consequences, and in this house, from now on, that consequence is going to be spanking. Do you understand?” Téa asked gently.

To her surprise, Addie nodded, with tears falling down her face.

“I’m sorry I was so mean to you Mom” she said sweetly, and sincerely. “I shouldn’t have called you what I did, and I didn’t mean it.”

“I appreciate the apology honey,” Téa said, hugging Addie, and holding her close, stroking her hair. “I love you so much.”

“I love you too Mom.”

Téa let go of Addie, and sat down on the bed, drawing her close. “You’re getting a spanking for not listening to me, being rude, and swearing at me. Do you understand?” she verified. Addie nodded her head yes. Téa pulled her close, undid the button on her jeans, and pulled them down, exposing a pair of pretty green bikini cut panties. She pulled Addie over her lap, jeans tangled around her knees. She pulled her close and held her tightly, and began spanking Addie’s pantied bottom with her hand. She sharply spanked left cheek, and then right, over and over again, as she watched Addie’s bottom begin to blush a bright pink. Addie stayed quiet for the most part, letting out the odd yelp and sniffle. When Addie’s bottom was tending to a darker pink, Téa stopped. She rubbed Addie’s back for a minute, letting the sting settle. Addie, thinking that her punishment was over, tried to stand up.

“No no no, not yet Addie” Téa said, gently pushing Addie back down.

“What? No, Mom, it hurts too much!” Addie said through her tears.

“Yes, it does hurt, doesn’t it?” Téa said, hooking her fingers in the waistband of Addie’s panties and lowering them to Addie’s knees.

“Nooo! Mom! Please, please don’t!” Addie cried, with a hint of fear in her voice.

“Addie, I don’t ever want to hear you using the kind of language you did today. I should have washed your mouth out with soap! And if I ever hear that again, that’s exactly what will happen” Téa lectured, picking up the wooden spoon. “Understand?” she asked, with a hard smack with the spoon to Addie’s left cheek.

“Owwwwwwww!!!” Addie cried, reaching her hand back to block the assault, which was quickly caught and pinned at the small of her back.

“I said, do you understand?” Téa repeated, spanking the other cheek.

“Yesss!!!” Addie cried again. “I won’t, I promise, please stop!” she begged, as the initial sting of the spoon registered and turned into a deeper burn.

Téa brought the spoon down again, now creating a sharp and even rhythm, leaving little circle-shaped pink marks all over her daughter’s small, rounded bottom. Addie kicked and cried, and begged her mother to stop. Téa held her tightly, and continued to spank. After a minute or so, Addie stopped fighting. She was exhausted, and, knowing that she was no match for her mother, just cried. Téa delivered several more sharp spanks with the spoon, and noticed that Addie’s bottom was hinting toward a deep red, and decided she should stop. She set the spoon down, and stroked Addie’s back for a couple of minutes while she tried to stop crying. She gently helped her daughter up to a sitting position, and held her, stroking her hair, for a long few minutes.

“You didn’t like that very much, did you?” Téa asked warmly.

“No” Addie said, catching her breath.

“I hope you’ll follow the rules a little better from now on sweetie, otherwise I’ll have to give you another spanking.” She warned gently. Addie nodded and rested her head on her mother’s shoulder.
“Mom?” Addie said from the kitchen doorway.

Téa looked up, jerked from her memory, surprised. “Addie, what are you doing out of the corner? I didn’t tell you to move” she said.

“I know…I just wasn’t sure if you knew it was 4:30.”

“Uh…yeah, why?” Téa asked, confused.

“Where’s Lex?”

Téa looked at her for a second, still slightly confused. Then she sucked in a sharp breath.

“Oh my God, Alexis!” she whispered, standing up and grabbing her car keys. “I completely forgot! Thank you sweetheart…go back to your room, I’ll be right back.” She said, running out the door to pick up her 7 year old daughter Alexis from school, which had ended just over 30 minutes ago.

…to be continued


Anonymous said...

Hope you have part 2 written.

Loving your work, please continue.

Storm said...

Just starting to read now. I'm off to work on my own story for the first time in several months, but I wanted to let you know I got your note and was reading! It's exciting to find somebody else who has a blog for their stories!

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i love it how u punish daughter good in ways honey keep them coming