Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Addie and Alexis- Part 2

“And then, next week, we get to dress up like our favorite character from a book. Who do you think I should be? I was thinking about Anne, from Anne of Green Gables. I already have the right kind of hat. Remember my Cordelia hat from the summer?” Alexis rambled as she and her mother Téa made their way through the front door and into the warmth of their large home.

“Really? That’s a great idea honey,” Téa said, taking Alexis’s coat from her and hanging it up in the hall closet. “I bet we can find a dress to go with it. It’s too bad that pretty hair of yours isn’t longer, Anne always wears hers in long braids” Téa said, gently gathering all of Alexis’s shoulder-length brown hair into her hands, pulling her back towards her and kissing the top of her head.

“Yeah, too bad it isn’t longer,” Alexis echoed. “Maybe Addie can French braid it for me. Where is she anyways? I want to show her the bracelet I made at school today.”
Alexis said, speaking quickly and excitedly. The seven, almost eight, going on twenty year old girl got along very well with her older sister. She adored and idolized her, and Addie was great about it. She always let Alexis be a part of whatever she was doing and never spoke harshly to her. They didn’t have many fights typical of most sisters. And for this, Téa was tremendously grateful.

“Addie’s in a little bit of trouble right now Lex, so you’ll have to show her later. Maybe you can get started on your homework,” Téa said, leading Alexis and her school bag into the living room and getting her settled on the floor, turning the television on for her.

“Why is Addie in trouble? Did she do something bad?” Alexis asked. To her, trouble meant having Hannah Montana taken away for a day, or being sent to bed early. The only spanking she had ever gotten came in the form of one single sharp spank to her bottom one day when she had a tantrum about wearing her winter coat. And that one single spank elicited a loud squeal, followed by a great deal of crying, and a very apologetic little girl who was more than willing to put her coat on and go off to school without further argument.

“It’s okay sweetheart. Addie told Mommy a lie, and we’re going to talk about it now. She’ll be down in a little while and you can show her your bracelet then,” Téa said, turning the TV up a little louder, and leaving Alexis happily working on her math sheet. Thankfully, between the large size of their home, the surprisingly soundproof walls, and Alexis’s television show that would be coming on in a couple minutes, she wouldn’t be able to hear what was going on upstairs between her and Addie.

Téa made her way upstairs, and opened Addie’s bedroom door to find her still standing, facing the far corner, as she was told to do. Téa closed the door softly behind her, put on her “strict parent” face, and crossed her arms.

“Addie, do you know how big of a deal it was for me to leave you alone here that weekend? Do you know how happy I was that I thought I could trust you enough to be alone for two entire days?” Téa began. Addie didn’t answer or turn around. “Turn around and look at me please,” she said, and Addie turned around, keeping her arms behind her, leaning into the corner. She kept her eyes downcast, and had the beginnings of tears building in them. “I said look at me please,” Téa said softly, and as Addie raised her eyes to meet her mother’s a few tears escaped and ran down her face. She quickly wiped them away.

“You are an incredibly mature and amazing young woman Addie. That little girl downstairs absolutely adores you, and you are so kind to her. I love that about you. I love that I don’t even have to ask you to get up and put Lex on the bus in the mornings even though you don’t have to be up for school for another hour. And I love that you come with me to pick her up in the afternoons just because you know how happy it makes her. But Addie, what you did with my car, driving it, and lying about it….those are the kind of things that make me incredibly disappointed in you,” she said. Addie flinched slightly; her mother’s words stung. “I really, really thought you were smarter than that Addie. If you made such a poor decision about driving my car and lying to me about it, then how do I know you won’t do something like that again, and especially something like that again when Alexis is with you? Hmmm?” she asked, never once breaking eye contact with her daughter.

“Mom…it was stupid, and I shouldn’t have done it. But you have to know that I would never, EVER do something like that with Lex! I would never do anything that might hurt her, you know that!” Addie said, wiping more escaped tears away.

“No sweetie, I don’t know that. I didn’t think you would be so stupid as to do something to endanger yourself so seriously, so I really don’t know what you would do!” Téa exclaimed, knowing full well that Addie would never endanger Alexis, but striving to make a point.

“I’m so sorry Mom,” Addie said, breaking down in tears and allowing herself to be pulled into a hug by her mother. Téa held her, stroking her back, and telling her that she loved her.

“Okay?” Téa asked as Addie’s crying slowed to a few sniffles. Addie nodded and wiped her eyes, taking a deep breath of composure. “Good. Let’s go finish this discussion up in my bedroom,” Téa said, leading Addie towards the door, with her hand on her upper back. They crossed the hallway and entered Téa’s large, open bedroom. It was decorated much like the rest of the house: contemporary, lots of soft, calming neutrals.

As Addie felt the door close behind her, her feelings of guilt and foolishness quickly turned into fear and dread. She knew she was getting a spanking, and since this is by far the worst thing she has ever done in her life, she logically assumed that it would be the worst spanking too. She stood awkwardly, her arms crossed, hugging herself, as she watched her mother cross the room to her large oak dresser, open a drawer, and take out a large, wooden hairbrush that Addie had never seen before.

While most of Addie’s friends were embarrassed by their parents, Addie admired Téa, much the same way Alexis admired Addie. She was often taken aback by her mother’s beauty, her impeccable sense of fashion, and her intelligence. Not many people could say that their mom had cool clothes AND is a high-profile lawyer! And seeing her holding a hairbrush that she was about to use to spank Addie’s bare bottom until it was deep purple and starting to bruise made Addie suddenly very self-conscious and very wishful that she could turn time back about a month and not do what she did.

“Mommy…please, please don’t use that…” Addie began, begging her mother to spare her.

“Come over here Addison,” Téa ordered. Addie shuttered at the use of her full first name, knowing now that she was in very deep trouble. She approached her mother, who took hold of her arm and lead her to her large bed. She set the brush down, and keeping a firm grasp on Addie with one hand, and pointing her finger with the other, began to lecture her daughter.

“You know that doing anything illegal is strictly forbidden in this house. And you also know that lying will not be tolerated, under any circumstances. So, I would like you to tell me, Addie, why is that you’re getting a spanking?”

“I….um..I let Bailey drive your car even though you told me not to…and then I drove it even though I don’t have a license..” Addie began. While she was speaking, her mother sat down on the bed and began to hook her fingers in the waist of Addie’s yoga pants. At this action, Addie stopped speaking.

“Mmm hmm…?” Téa agreed, prompting more of an answer, while sliding the pants down to rest at Addie’s knees.

“Um…and then I lied to the police officer that pulled me over, and I lied to you about the ticket, and I didn’t pay it either” Addie said, now thoroughly embarrassed that she was standing in front of her mother like a little girl, in her panties, with her pants down around her knees.

Téa put her hands on her knees, and looked up into Addie’s eyes. “That’s right. And what’s my rule about lying?”

“I’m not allowed to, no matter what,” Addie answered, sniffling back more tears.

“That’s right. And what is always going to be the punishment for lying in this house?”

“A….a spanking,” Addie said, staring at the floor.

“Yes, that’s right. And since this is a particularly serious lie, I don’t think my hand or the wooden spoon will suffice,” she said, now guiding Addie over her lap. Once in position, she secured her, wrapping her arm firmly around Addie’s waist and pushing down. “And,” she said, delivering two firm hand-spanks to each cheek, “if I ever catch you lying to me again young lady, I’ll be taking my belt off and using it instead,” she threatened, delivering another two hand-spanks to each cheek. It only then occurred to her that she wasn’t even wearing a belt on that particular day. She almost laughed at her mistake, but didn’t.

Addie, meanwhile, was trying to stay somewhat calm, knowing that these hand-spanks were the least of her problems, and the first ever threat of being spanked with a belt finally prompted her to start crying.

“Do you understand me?” she asked, spanking Addie’s bottom even harder with her palm, the sting beginning to build.

“Ow! I do Mom, I’m sorrryyyyyy!” she cried, as Téa continued spanking in a rhythmic fashion, sharply and quickly, which continued for several minutes, until Addie was squirming a little and begging to be let free.

Her bottom was beginning to show a very bright pink coloring, and her sobs made it clear to Téa that she should switch over to the hairbrush. She stopped spanking and for a minute, let Addie cry. Then she hooked her fingers in the waistband of Addie’s panties and slipped them down to her knees. This elicited a “nooo” from Addie, as well as heightened crying. Téa picked up the hairbrush. She tightened her grip on her daughter, and rested the hairbrush on her bottom.

“Addie, I want you to think about how immature and irresponsible you acted. I want to be able to trust you. I don’t want to have to worry about whether or not you’re out doing things that are going to get you killed!! I’m so upset with you Addie, and I sincerely hope you learn a lesson from this. I hate having to spank you…I hate seeing you in so much pain but sweetheart, I would so much rather punish you for this than have to go to your funeral” she said.

“I’m so sorry, you CAN trust me, I promise, I won’t do anything like that ever again Mom…please, please stop, I promise!” Addie cried.

“No, I’m afraid this is one lesson you’ll have to learn the hard way” Téa said, lifting the hairbrush up, and snapping it back down forcefully on one cheek, and then the next.

The initial sting and following burn took Addie off-guard. She cried out, and immediately reached her hand back to cover her bottom.

“It hurts too much Mom, please, please stop! I swear, I’ll never do anything bad again!” she begged.

“Addie,” she started calmly, “you know that you are not allowed to reach your hand back. Please move it.”

“No” Addie whispered, unable to do as she was told.

“That’s fine,” Téa said, and quickly caught Addie’s hand and held it at the small of her back. She continued spanking Addie’s now-glowing bottom with the large wooden hairbrush. With each spank Addie’s cries grew more exhausted and pained, and she eventually stopped struggling. And shortly after that, the spanking stopped. Addie’s bottom was an angry purple color and a little bit indented by the hairbrush. This was an important lesson that Addie wouldn’t soon forget.

“Okay sweetheart, it’s all over,” Téa soothed, reaching down to tuck Addie’s fallen hair behind her ear, and rubbing her back. “Shhhhh…it’s okay” she whispered. After a minute or so she helped Addie up, and pulled her into a hug. “I love you so so much sweetheart, I don’t want anything to happen to you” she said.

“I love you too Mom” Addie said, still crying. “I’m so sorry”

“I know baby” she said, standing up, and helping Addie up with her. Addie stepped out of her pants and panties and allowed herself to be lead to the corner, wishing with all of her might that she could rub her bottom.

“I want you to stay here in the corner until you calm down. I’m going to start dinner, and when you’re ready, come down to eat, okay?” Téa asked. Addie nodded. Téa kissed the top of Addie’s head, and quietly left the room, closing the door softly behind her.

It took Addie a good fifteen minutes to stop crying completely, all the while half-rubbing her bottom, half shifting from one foot to another trying to alleviate some of the pain. Once she had stopped crying completely, she turned around and went to the large oval mirror on the wall to inspect her bottom. It looked horrible! She sucked her breath in and ran her hands over it once more, wincing at the pain. She picked up her panties and pants and gingerly put them back on, cringing at the pain caused by this. She wanted nothing more than to go to her room take her pants off and lay in bed on her stomach. But she knew this wasn’t an option. She went into the bathroom, washed her face, brushed her hair, and looked, to an outsider, like nothing had happened.

Alexis bounded off her chair at the kitchen table when Addie entered the room, moving quite stiffly.

“Addie!” Addie forced herself to put a huge smile on her face.

“Hi Lex! How was school today?” she asked, trying to match her sister’s excitement.

“Good. Guess what!”


“Next week, I get to dress up like my favorite character from a book. Who should I be?”

“I don’t know, who do YOU think you should be?”

“Well,” Alexis said shyly, “I kind of want to be Anne of Green Gables.”

“I think that’s a great idea! You could wear your Cordelia hat from the summer!” Addie exclaimed.

As Alexis started to fire ideas at Addie, Téa watched as her oldest daughter winced in pain as she bent down to braid Alexis’s hair, and smiled, loving her two daughters more at that moment than she thought she ever had before.