Sunday, June 14, 2009

Alana's Punishment- Part 1

Dear Janet,

I think I made a really big mistake. Actually, I know that I did! I was invited to my friend's party last night, and I know that I probably shouldn't have gone, but it soundned like so much fun! I knew that there might be some older kids there who would be drinking, and I knew that Ruth and Burke wouldn't let me go. So I pretended that I was going to a friend's house to study, and they believed me.

Needless to say, I got caught.

I tried to speak to Ruth the second we were alone after she picked me up, but she wouldn't let me.

"Don't you dare say a word, young lady" she snapped, and practically pushed me into the car. I won't pretend to be brave this time, I was scared!! I tried to apologize several more times, but she wouldn't let me talk. Finally, when we got into the house, she took hold of both of my shoulders and almost violently forced me to look at her.

"I want you to listen to me very carefully Alana. You will go up to your room, and stand in the corner until I come for you. I don't want to see you or hear a peep from you until then. Do you understand me?" she asked angrily. I nodded my head, and she let go of me. I ran upstairs and did as she asked right away. I was way too scared to disobey her or argue with her. I knew that what I did was wrong, and she had every right to be mad at me.

I think I stood in the corner for almost 2 hours. It was horrible! I was so nervous, but I was thankful that Burke wasn't home. It could have been so much worse if he was!

After what seemed like forever, I finally heard Ruth's footsteps on the stairs. It was late, and the girls must have been sleeping. She opened my bedroom door, closed it softly behind her, and stepped inside. She didn't say anything for a couple of minutes, but my heart was beating so hard, I'm sure she could have heard it.

"Look at me" she hissed. I jumped at her harsh tone, and reluctantly turned around. She was standing there, only a few feet away from me, arms crossed, and holding a horribly huge looking wooden spoon that I've never seen before. It looked so heavy, I have no idea where she found it! Part of me just knows that she's been hiding it away, knowing that I would eventually do something bad enough to warrant its use.

"Drinking and lying are both forbidden in this house Alana, and you certainly know that" she spat at me.

"I know, I'm....." I tried, very teary.

I was cut off again by her silencing hand.

"Burke is going to home tomorrow afternoon. I've already spoken to him, and we've decided that the main part of your punishment will take place when he's here, after we go to clean up. But in the meantime, I intend to give you something to think about while you're in bed tonight, and while you're cleaning that house tomorrow" she said, approaching me.

I considered running. I knew that it would be a bad idea, but I was really scared. I was shaking a little, and took a step back into the corner. She reached out and grabbed onto my upper arm, her sharp nails digging into my pale skin. She pulled me along with her until we stood in front of my desk. I thought she was going to sit down on the chair, but she moved it out of the way instead.

"Jeans down" she said, looking straight into my eyes without flinching. When I hesitated she slapped my bottom with that spoon so quickly that I didn't even realize what was happening until I felt the sharp burn.

"Ow!" I yelped, reaching one hand back to rub the sting.

"Now" she said firmly.

I bit my lip, and looked at her. With trembling hands I undid my jeans, and pulled them down.

"Bend over" she said simply, pointing to the desk, and pushing me over it. She moved my sweater out of the way and placed her hand on my back to hold me down, not that she really needed to, I wasn't going anywhere, and holding that evil spoon in the other. The feeling of her hand on my bare back made me shiver.

"I want you to think very carefully about what you've done, and the fact that you'll be punished more severely tomorrow. And don't even think about fighting with me" Ruth warned.

I closed my eyes tightly as tears ran down my cheeks, knowing that I was trapped, and, even worse, that I deserved to be exactly where I was.

The first spank took me totally off-guard. She snapped it down on my right cheek, and then left, and on and on and on. It hurt so much!

"Owww! Ruth, I'm soooo...." SPANK! "Ahhhhh!"

I gave up trying to apologize, knowing that every attempt to speak would be met with even harder spanks. I gripped the edge of my desk with my hands so hard that my knuckles turned white. I was determined not to reach back because that would just make her even more angry. She kept spanking me really hard and really fast. All I could do was scream and cry. I'm sure the girls must have woken up, there's no way they didn't hear me. I did everything I could to stop myself from squirming around but it was really hard this time.

She only stopped for a second to pull down my panties. I didn't protest, or try to stop her. No matter how embarassing it was, or how much it would hurt without that little bit of protection, making her angrier would be worse.

She didn't say a word as she spanked me. She just kept going and going, and put extra emphasis on my sit-spots. OUCH!

When she finally stopped, I didn't even really notice right away. The pain had turned into one really big stingy ache, regardless how how many times she spanked. She set the spoon down on my desk beside me.

"Get into bed and stay there. And be ready to go tomorrow morning" Ruth said coldly. I didn't respond, I was crying too hard. Without a hug, a kind word of forgiveness, or a loving caress, she turned and left the room, closing the door behind her.


Angie said...

hi! hug! Love your stories, and was thrilled to see you had them all in one place!


Dante d'Amore said...

Great story. I'll be sure to come back soon to read the rest.

Anonymous said...

Is this somehow connected with one of the Leah stories?

Anonymous said...

Part 2 isnt here and its now 2014. Are you ever going to write it?

Sonny Reid said...

Enjoyed that..

Anonymous said...

I wish I got spanked when I was young

Anonymous said...

I wish I got spanked I would have one everyday

Anonymous said...

A spanking isn't a spanking until your crying. My boyfriend makes me pull my jeans and panties down myself. He says the spanking doesn't even start until I'm crying. For punishment spanking its always starts off on the bare. He uses the flat part of the handle of a bamboo backscratcher. He says he's going to bamboo until I boohoo. I can relates the rapid fire fast and furious swats that are hard and fast. My boyfriend. Doesn't spank any other way. He always paddles me three ways, hard, fast and long. It start to finish its as hard and as fast as he can and its nonstop until he decides its over. There never a swat limit, I get as many swats as he determines. When he is done, tears are streaming down my face, eyes are puffy, noise is running and I am hiccup sobbing out of control. If its a punishment spanking its for real and nonsense. I usually get one ever other month. I really hate those rapid fire swats, especially with no warm up and goes on and on with that dam backscratcher. I have welts and bruises for days.

Anonymous said...

Hi, I'm Jennifer! I've been into spanking since I was in my teens but never got involved until my 20's. I always had a safe word except for discipline spanking with my boyfriend. It is "Superman" three times in a row, but I never used it. I'm not sure if I'm the only one but I have such a extremely high pain tolerance that when we first started he would stop because of the condition of my backside before I ever used my safe word, even when it was suppose to be a discipline style. He would never get me to cry. He calls me "Supergirl” buns of steel." He'd always used thick wooden implements or thick western belts. He is always afraid of going too far. He always felt bad about the bruises and welts he would leave but I expected it. He's also always gave me slower types whacks too. I finally got him to not be afraid hit hard but I'd be bruised up to bad for him and he end up stopping before it even affected me. This went on for like a year and we were both frustrated because no matter how hard he whack it barely got a response from me. We talked and finally found something that worked during a discipline spanking. He switched me one time and that got me yelping a lot and even hop up and down. We discovered that it was what he was using and the way he was applying them. We learned that lighter and stingy implements were the trick. Also, my pain tolerance goes down with the brisk fast type swats and more lengthy. He was concerned at first because he felt he was wailing on me. It took a while for use to both get use to it. The implements now are switches (hate them), thin but durable ruler type paddles, curtain rods and thin leather office belts (hate them). For discipline spankings, he now knows exactly how make me cry. I have to have rapid fire swats from the beginning, very lengthy and no warm up. Am I the only one who has such a high pain tolerance that needs such extreme measure for it to be effective?

Anonymous said...

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Mary said...

Hi I’m Mary I have been spanked a lot I’m 21 but I remember when I was 14 I snuck out of the house one night to ride shotgun seat with my boyfriend dad so happened to come in my room but when I got home he wasn’t waiting for me . The next morning I got up like usual and cooked breakfast “my mom died when I was thirteen “ he said that he knows what happened and I would be punished . He grabbed my arm and dragged me to the punishment room which was a office that he had transformed. He told me to undress and stand in the corner ...he lined three chairs up on one side of the room and three chairs on the other ....I waited at least 3hours when my boyfriend and his dad arrived barging through the room dad slowly walked up to me and told me to lie flat on the punishment table I did he then told my boyfriend to kneel to him and tell him thank u for spanking me ....when he grabbed the paddle he told me to count 1...2...3....4...5 and on and on harder and harder painfully it was over then my boyfriends dad took hold of my boobs and told me to lay flat on my back with my mouth opened he then shoved soap in my mouth ....with the soap still in my mouth he puts me over his knee for a hard hand spanking soon I was kicking and sobbing when he was done my dad took me and laid me over the chair for a strapping was over and when it was my dad told my boyfriend to never see me again that was a really sad moment for him and I but then my dad told me to kneel and thank him for my punishment so I did .....he then gave me a hug and said he hopes I learned my lesson

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