Sunday, March 29, 2009

The Independence of Miss Mary Bennet

A few months ago I read an amazing novel by Colleen McCullough
called "The Independence of Miss Mary Bennet." It's set about twenty
years after Jane Austen's "Pride and Prejudice" closes, and is kind
of a spin-off. Anyways, toward the end there's a brief discussion on
spanking! So I thought I'd post it here for those of you who wish to
read it!

Page 395-396

"Jane looked insufferably smug. "Oh, I've solved all of the
difficulties inherent in children, Mary dear. When Lydia died I sent
for Caroline Bingley. After Lizzie's insult she couldn't darken
Pemberley's doors, but she does so enjoy her summers here in the
North. She has been staying with me since just after dear Lydia's
funeral. The children are PETRIFIED of her, even Hugh and Arthur. She
SPANKS them! I can never raise a finger against them, I confess- they
stand there looking so contrite and adorable! But that doesn't wash
with Caroline! Down come the trousers, and she spanks them HARD! Of
course they are howling as if being killed before the first smack
lands- it is the sight of her huge hands." Jane sighed. "But I will
say this. They are much better behaved after Caroline takes over."

"Does she spank the older ones?" asked Mark, fascinated.

"No, she canes them."

"And Prissy?"

"She makes her walk for hours with a book balanced on her head, or
practicing her curtsies, or conjugating Latin verbs."

"Does this mean you intend to stay here?" Elizabeth butten in.

"No, just that I may come and go as I please. Caroline really enjoys
disciplining children," said Jane.

"Now why does that not surprise me?" asked Mary

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