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An Icy Morning and a Story- Leah 18

I was not-so warmly greeted this morning by an inch of ice, covered with an inch of snow on my car. After chipping away for what seemed like a long time I stepped back and crossed my arms, realizing that I hadn't accomplished anything...too much ice. After staring at my car for a few minutes I tried again, and developed a bit of groove and ice actually started coming off. It took exactly 23 minutes to get it to the point of being able to see, and I'm sure that at 5:30 in the morning, my neighbours wanted to kill me. So I made it, only to come out of work 8 hours later to chip away for another half hour. So I decided to skip the gym and the other things I was supposed to do this afternoon and came home to hibernate...and WRITE! So here's a new story! Enjoy!

Leah 18

Leah and Meredith sat side by side on the large leather couch in their spacious livingroom with their feet resting on the coffee table in front of them. They had plates of pasta on their laps and Meredith was holding a pen in her hand, poised to write on a pad of paper sitting between herself and Leah.

"So....start at the beginning" Meredith said. Leah looked at her nervously. She took a bite of her pasta, chewed it slowly, swallowed, and looked down at the blank piece of paper, wishing desperately that it could remain blank. But it couldn't.

"I smashed one of your wine glasses on the floor" she said, and Meredith wrote it down.

"Punishment?" Meredith asked, looking at Leah, who looked away and said nothing for a couple of minutes.

"I could do work for you and earn money to buy you a new set of glasses" Leah suggested.

"Works for me" Meredith said, and wrote that down next to the offense. "Next?"

"I snuck out" Leah said quietly, hoping to hide her embarassment. Meredith wrote it down, and looked expectantly at her sister. "I could be grounded for a while?" Leah suggested.

"For a month. You'll be grounded for a month, and that means no phone, no television, no friends. You can go to school, and Holly's, and home. That's it."

"Okay" Leah said, hoping that this harsh punishment would be where it stops.

"Okay, what next?"

"I lied about where I was planning on going" she said, looking down at her plate. Meredith looked at her expectantly. Leah didn't offer a punishment, hoping against all odds that her long grounding would be enough. After a few minutes of silence, Meredith spoke.

"Punishment, Leah?" she asked.

Leah was out of ideas. She knew what answer Meredith was looking for. She knew, all too well, that lying equals spanking in her sister's home, no questions asked. But she dreaded this particular punishment more than anything, and was reluctant to suggest it. Meredith didn't push her. She was willing to sit there all night in silence until Leah took enough responsibility for her actions to admit that she deserved the most hated punishment. What she wasn't expecting though, was for tears to start rolling down Leah's pale face. Meredith put her hand warmly on Leah's knee.

"Sweetie, it's okay" Meredih said reassuringly. "It's gonna be okay."

"I'm so sorry" Leah cried, putting her head in her hands, her small shoulders shaking. Meredith put her arm around her little sister.

"We all make mistakes Leah. I'm no more perfect than you's what we do to make up for the mistakes that counts. It's what we learn from them that's most important. Yes?" Meredith asked. Leah nodded her head. "Okay, so...take a deep breath and try to relax so we can talk about this." Leah looked up a minute later, wiped her face, and looked at Meredith.

"That's my girl. So where were we? Punishment for lying?" Again, Leah said nothing. "Leah....sweetie, what's the usual punishment for lying?" Meredith asked gently, trying to coax Leah into saying it herself.

Leah let out a long breath. "A spanking" she whispered.

"Yes" Meredith said, writing it down next to lying. Her fate was sealed..the most dreaded of all punishments promised. "What else?"

"John's car...?" Leah half-asked.

"The accident wasn't your fault, but we shouldn't have been out in such bad weather. That was your fault."

"I know it was," Leah said honestly. "I don't know if I could work long enough to pay to fix John's car...."

"Probably not" Meredith said smiling. "But you could offer him some help at the office for the next two weekends"

"Okay, I will" Leah said, relieved not to have another spanking added on. Meredith wrote it down.

"Next?" Meredith asked. Leah looked confused.

"I....didn't do anything else" she said.

"Well I assume that since you were playing a drinking game that you were drinking" Meredith offered.

"I didn't actually drink anything" Leah said.

"Were you planning to?"

"I.....yeah" she said regretfully, deciding not to lie.

"This is the second time we've had to deal with this problem Leah" Meredith said a little more firmly.

"I know, and it'll be the last, I promise" Leah said.

"I hope so. This will be a spanking with the belt." Leah's eyes immediately welled up with tears. "This is serious Leah. I won't tolerate it. This will very likely be the worst spanking you've ever had, and I hope it serves as a deterrant in the future" Leah shook a little bit with fear. "I'll give you your first spanking for lying in the morning before we go back to Mrs. Smith's to clean up, and I'll give you the second one tomorrow night before bed. Understand?" Leah nodded tearfully. "Leah, sweetie...I don't like having to spank you. It's horrible. You know how upset you got last week when Shep's paw was hurt? How you said that you love him so much that it literally hurts you to see him suffer? Well, that's what it's like for me to have to spank you." Meredith explained, trying to reason with Leah that it wasn't exactly fun for her either.

"I'm sorry" Leah whispered through her tears, and Meredith hugged her close and stroked her hair.

The next morning Leah was up early. She knew she had a hard day ahead of her and found it difficult to sleep, even after she and Meredith had talked. She sat on her desk chair, her feet pulled into her chest, and occupied herself by playing a game on her laptop. When she heard a soft knock on her door she jumped.

"Come in" she called hesitantly.

"Morning!" Meredith said as she entered the room, closing the door behind her. "You're grounded Leah...that means no internet...if I didn't make myself clear last night" Meredith reminded.

"Oh....sorry..." Leah said weakly, exiting her game. "You didn't say."

"It's okay, now you know" Meredith said, gently spinning the computer chair holding Leah around to face her. She got down on her knees and rested one hand on the back of the chair. She searched Leah's eyes for answers. She wanted to know why Leah insisted on lying to her, why she couldn't just listen and make life for everyone a little easier. She had to be careful though. She knew from experience that scaring Leah would only cause her to crawl inside herself and not answer anything at all.

"Last night, when I told you that you had to stay home, it wasn't because I was trying to be mean. The weather was really bad and I didn't want you getting hurt. Now, you chose to go anyways, and even though I'm very upset about that, I'm more upset about your lying about where you were going. What if you had gotten into some sort of accident? What if the hospital called me and told me that on your way to this party you were in an accident and got hurt and that I had to come? I wouldn't know that it was you. I'd say sorry, you must have the wrong kid...Leah's at Sarah's house. Not on her way to a party on the other side of the city. And what if something had happened to John? Or to me? What if there was an emergency and we had to talk to you? We'd call Sarah's house...and her mom would tell us that you weren't there. How would we find you?" Meredith asked. Leah stared at her wide-eyed.

"I....I didn't think of it like that" she responded.

"It's going to take a long time for John and I to be able to trust you. That's why you shouldn't lie Leah. Now when you tell us things, we might not believe you."

"I know Meredith, I'm so sorry" Leah said desperately.

"You understand why you have to be punished for lying?" she asked, forcing Leah to look at her. Leah nodded. Meredith gently helped her to her feet and lead her to a corner. "I'm going to make a pot of coffee. I want you to stand here and think about the consequences of lying until I come back" she said, leaving Leah in the corner.

Once downstairs she filled the coffeepot with water and flipped the switch. She sat down at the table to wait, dreading the day just as much or more than Leah was dreading it. Upstairs Leah was standing, staring at the lilac purple corner in front of her. Distracting herself from the spanking in her immediate future, she noticed how perfectly the painted walls met to make a corner. The funny thing is, this caused Leah to actually think about what she was told to think about: the consequences of lying. She had backed herself into an invisible corner through her lies and had essentially isolated herself from the two people who she knew would be there for her forever. Now she understood her sister's frustration, because she was frustrated too. She didn't know why she did these things.

Leah was startled out of her thoughts by the sudden opening and closing of her bedroom door.

"Let's get this over with" Meredith said, seating herself on the edge of Leah's bed. Leah turned around and obediently approached her sister, frightened, yet determined to let her know that she was sorry. She practically flung herself into Meredith's arms.

"I'm so sorry" she said whole-heartedly. Meredith, taken completely off-guard, hugged her back.

"It's's okay Leah"

When Leah finally released her grip on Meredith she stood in front of her, knowing what was expected of her. Meredith looked up into Leah's shining blue eyes with a firm look on her face, hoping to trick her sister into believing that she wasn't crying inside herself. She quickly slid Leah's black capri track pants down to rest at her feet, atop her fluffy blue slippers, and gently guided her over her lap. Once she had Leah positioned just right she secured her by strongly circling her waist. She rested her other hand on Leah's lower back. Leah bent her knees and pulled her feet in close to her bottom, bracing herself for the first spank. Meredith looked at the blue slippers that were currently right in her way, a little annoyed, knowing that an arguement would make them late for their appoitment at the Smith's.

"Leah...can you move your feet please?" she asked as nicely as she could. Leah hadn't really realized that her feet were in the way, and reluctantly lowered them.

"Sorry" she mumbled.

With this Meredith raised her hand and delivered the first of many spanks. Leah tried to be as quiet as possible. She didn't want to make Meredith feel worse. She didn't want to cause her any more pain than she already had. But as the sound of Meredith's hand slapping against Leah's pantied bottom resounded in Leah's ears, there was a building pain that she couldn't help but cry out at. Leah's intolerance and frustration came out all at once as she broke down crying and began to struggle to get away. Meredith wasn't ready for this and jumped to hold her in place.

"Leah, stop!" Meredith said half-firmly, half-sympathetically.

"It hurts too much...pleaseeeeeee stop!" Leah cried, sniffling desperately.

Meredith did stop, but only to trap Leah in place between her knees and quickly tug her panties down to rest just below her bottom.

"Nooo!!! I'm sorrrrr-yyyyyyyyyyy!" Leah pleaded.

"Leah, listen to me" Meredith said calmly. "You will not lie to me again. If you do, we'll be right back where we are now."

"I won't!!! I promise!"

Meredith gripped Leah's waist tightly and picked up a large wooden spoon that she had carried in with her. Leah didn't see it. She pressed it firmly onto Leah's already stinging bottom. Leah jumped slightly and involuntarily flung her hand back to cover her bottom. Meredith saw this coming and caught her hand and held it in her own. She quickly lifted the spoon into the air and snapped it sharply down onto Leah's bottom, alternating from left cheek to right. Leah jumped and yelped with each spank, crying uncontrollably at the same time.

When the bright pink glow of Leah's bottom started to hint at a deeper purple Meredith decided to stop, remembering the spanking the she had promised Leah before bed. She delivered two extra-sharp spanks on each cheek, and then set the spoon down.

"Shhhhh" Meredith soothed, rubbing Leah's back calmingly.

Leah tried to focus her concentration on calming down, rather than her burning bottom. After a few minutes of deep breathing, she put both of her hands on Meredith's thigh and pushed herself up. Meredith helped her, and pulled her onto her lap and hugged her tightly.

"Sorry Mere" Leah said, looking up at her sister.

"It's okay sweetie. Please...just think before you tell another lie, okay?"

"I will" Leah said, knowing that she would definately think about this spanking the next time she decided to tell a lie.

Meredith let go and Leah stood up, untangling her pants and panties and pulling them up, wincing, fresh tears streaming down her face.

"Alright, have a shower and get dressed, then we'll go over and help clean up from last night" Meredith said, kissing Leah on the top of her head and leaving, closing the door behind her. be continued


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Kate said...

I'm going to, I promise!!!!!! Just finishing up exams and essays...then I'll be back at it! Thank you for reading though :-)

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Lol - and I hope the essays and finals went well - I'm just finishing up myself for the year... two more weeks!

Kate said...

Thanks Sadie, I'm happy you enjoyed them!!! Thank you so much for reading :-)

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