Friday, February 27, 2009

Lily's Story- Part 2

I stood in front of my large mirror in my large and beautiful room. I couldn't help but look around at my surroundings. A bedroom the size of half a house, painted a lilac colour with a large dark wood bed covered in a beautiful white douvet with embroidered lilac flowers dotted around it. I had dark wood book cases to match the bed, filled with books...whatever books I wanted, I had. There was a dark wood desk with a new laptop sitting on it, and lots of my old things from my old life placed around the room to make me feel more at home.

As I gazed at my reflection in the mirror I checked out my outfit choice for the day. Dark jeans, a blue long sleeve shirt, and a black tank top...the kind that's tight just under your chest and then flares out, over top of that. Check. Ready to face the day. My train of thought was inturrupted though, as I heard some commotion in the hall. My door was open, and just as I turned to look I saw something that I never thought I would see.

Blair had hold of Ashley's upper arm and was practically dragging her down the hall, with Ashley fighting her every step of the way. Blair must have been frustrated because she stopped practically right in front of my door. I stayed where I was because I could see out, but they couldn't see me.

"Ashley, I want you to look at me right now." Blair snapped. Ashley didn't look at her. "Right now!" Blair repeated. When Ashley didn't look at her, Blair slapped her jeans-covered bottom sharply with her open palm.

"Ow!" Ashley whimpered quietly, and finally stopped fighting and looked at Blair.

"What you did to Megan was wrong Ashley, and you know that" Blair lectured. "Either you stop fighting with me right now, or you'll be having an appoitment with me and my belt tonight."

"Okay, okay. I'm sorry" Ashley said, still with a twinge of sarcasm in her voice.

"I'm serious! If you think you don't a spanking with my hairbrush now, you wait until tonight when your bottom's still sore and you're being spanked with the belt. I want you to think about that Ashley. Just take a minute and think about it" Blair said, a bit more gently. Nobody spoke for a minute. "Now. Are you finished fighting with me?"

"Yes" Ashley said quietly, and significantly more subdued.

"Good, now let's go" Blair said, marching Ashley to the end of the hall, entering her bedroom, and closing the door.

I've been living in Blair's house for almost three months and had never, since that first day, heard anyone mention spanking again. I had actually began to wonder if I had imagined that whole first day...that day that had been stuck in my memory for the last three months. For weeks I saw Rory's purple bottom and heard her cries of horror every time I closed my eyes. Everyone seemed to live in somewhat of a harmonic rhythm here. Blair worked long days and nights, we answered to Megan, and other than Ashley's obvious hatred toward her, everything was fine. Until just now.

I crept out of my room and quietly tip-toed to Blair's heavy bedroom door.

"We've been talking about this a lot lately, haven't we young lady?" Blair demanded.

"Yes ma'am" Ashley responded more respectfully than I've ever heard her speak.

"I want to know. What's your problem with Megan?"

"I don't have a problem with Megan" Ashley responded.

"It seems like you do. Everyone else seems to be able to get along with her fine. But she's had to deal with nothing but rudeness and attitude from you. I suspect this has something to do with Lucy?"

"Of course it's about Lucy!" Ashley spat back. "She's my TWIN sister! I have to protect her! Megan just dictates to her, and she listens!"

"Well, sweetie, that's Megan's job. She's here to teach you guys. She's here to help you be better people and do the best you can." Blair said in a soothing way. "Lucy loves you. She doesn't love Megan any more than she loves you, and you know that. I suspect that this has a lot more to do with your not being able to manipulate Lucy like you used to. This is about the other night, isn't it? The other night when you and Lucy had plans to go to a party but Lucy had promised Megan that she'd stay home and study? Hmmm?"

"We already had plans! If Lucy wants to bow down to the altar of Megan, then that's her problem! But she shouldn't be ditching me to hang out with Megan!" Ashley complained, all snobbery returning.

"She didn't ditch you to hang out with Megan. She was doing the responsible thing Ashley. She knew she had to study for her mid-term, and she had already promised Megan that she would. She didn't ditch you for Megan, she ditched you to study, which you should recognize as a good thing. You shouldn't have been pressuring her to go with you, you should have been staying home and studying with her! If you two want to get into a good university, you need to keep your grades up! You should be supporting her. Don't ya think?"

"No, I don't think so. And I do support her! But I won't support her obsession with Megan!"

"Okay, I don't think that Lucy's studying means that she's obsessed with Megan"

"Whatever" Ashley said, obviously irritated at having to talk about this with Blair.

"Don't take that tone with me young lady, you're in enough trouble as it is" Blair chided.

"Fine. Whatever" Ashley said, in a fake respectful tone.

I wish I had been in that room to see Blair's face!

"OW!" Ashley cried out.

"Get those pants down right now" Blair snapped.

"No!" Ashley protested.

I don't know what happened next, but after a moment of silence, Ashley was practically begging Blair to stop.

"Noo! Please! I'm sorry, don't!" she cried.

"It's too late for apologies young lady, especially after that comment" Blair said.

"Just let me keep them on!" Ashley cried. "I'm sorry! I'll apologize to Megan if you want, I'll do anything!"

"Oh, yes you will apologize to Megan, but only after I give you a spanking with this hairbrush" Blair said.

"Noo! No! Please, stop!" Ashley said. There was a bit of commotion inside, which must have been the sound of Blair pulling Ashley pants down and marching her toward the bed. I'm guessing.

"I've been pretty leniant with you lately, don't you think?" Blair asked.

I heard Ashley sniffle, as if she were trying to stop herself from crying. "Yes" she said shortly.

"Well that ends right now. If I hear any attitude or any rude comments, you'll be right back over my knee. Do you understand me?" Blair demanded.

"Yes, I understand" Ashley responded quietly.

"Good. Now, are we clear that you're to treat Megan respectfully from now on?"


I guessed that by now Ashley was over Blair's lap...probably in the same position that Rory was in a month ago.

"Good" Blair said.

Nobody said anything more, and all of the sudden I heard a succession of fairly fast slaps, followed by Ashley's soft cries of "ow" or "ouch." It was very strange to hear Ashley in a vulnerable position. Not that I was happy that she was suffering, but I kind of wished that I could have been watching...just because Ashley is usually so assertive and confident. It would have been so strange.

The spanking and crying went on for a few minutes, and then there was a pause.

"Oh no...Blair...please, not that!" Ashley cried.

"If this is what it takes to make you treat people with respect, then this is what it takes" Blair said.

"I'll be nice to her! I swear! Just please...not that!" Ashley cried more desperately.

"Shhhh. No more arguing. My decision is final" Blair said more gently.

Ashley started sobbing, and all of the sudden I heard a loud CRACK...the same sound that I had heard the day of Rory's spanking. It could only mean one thing: The Hairbrush. Which I have good reason to an evil hairbrush.

Blair began to spank her slowly with the hairbrush, and Ashley cried with every slap....


I jumped a million feet in the air, and turned to face Megan.

"Lily, you shouldn't be listening to this, come on" Megan said.

"I...I wasn't..." I stammered.

"Yes you were, we've all been there, we've all listened. Just don't get caught!" she said smiling.

"Sorry" I said, embarassed..

"It's okay....let's go, I'll take you girls to school"

"What about Ashley?" I asked.

"Blair will drop her off on her way to work" Megan said, leading me back down the hall.

"You're not gonna tell Blair I was listening are you?" I asked.

"No Lily, I'm not" Megan said with a half smile, and left me outside of my room to get my things ready for school.


Anonymous said...

i love this story line! will there be more?

Kate said...

Thank you! There eventually will be more, when time permits!! :-)

Angie said...

oh that was such a nice chapter! I wasn't happy with her even in the first chapter, so nice to hear her get it now.

And that 'whatever' comment, gosh such a teen thing to say! And never smart when you are already in trouble.


Anonymous said...

Fuck you all!!!

Anonymous said...

put more of these stories i love these

Anonymous said...

Was it three months later or a month?