Sunday, November 23, 2008

Leah 11

...the next morning

Leah cringed as her pajama bottoms rubbed against her tender bottom as she moved from the kitchen cupboard to the counter to check on the progress of her brewing coffee. She was surprised that Meredith didn't leave her any. Had she even left for work? Leah hadn't heard any commotion in the house, except for Addie leaving a few minutes earlier.

"Morning sweetie!" Meredith called as she entered the kitchen. Leah spun around.

"You scared me!" They both laughed.

"Sorry. Making coffee? Great!" Meredith stopped shuffling through her papers and noticed that Leah was wearing pajamas. "Why aren't you dressed?"

"I don't know...why would I be?" Leah answered, confused.

"I told you yesterday that you'll be coming to work with me for the rest of the week"

"You were serious?"

"Did I sound like I was joking?"

"You didn't even tell me what time you were leaving, I thought you were just saying that because you were mad."

"I'm sorry I wasn't clear. This will be...get dressed now, and we'll go." Meredith said this firmly, but there wasn't a tone of anger in her voice.

"I don't see why I should have to go with you" Leah whined.

"Oh, you don't? Do you want me to make it more clear for you?"

"I want to stay home" Leah complained, but not defiantly.

"You were suspended from school for drinking Leah" Meredith said slowly. "You're in enough trouble already, so if I were you I'd do as you're told. Now please get dressed."

Leah slammed her coffee cup down on the counter a little bit harder than she had intended to and the handle broke off the mug. Meredith stared at her without any expression on her face. Leah looked up quickly.

"I...didn't mean to break it. I'm sorry."

"Get dressed Leah" Meredith said, trying to control her anger. Leah quickly went upstairs, and emerged a few minutes later dressed and ready to go.

"Do you have your school books?" Leah nodded. "Good. Let's go." Leah followed Meredith out the door and climbed into the car, cringing once again as her bottom made contact with the seat. They drove in silence for a few minutes, until Leah got up the nerve to ask Meredith the question that had been on her mind all night.

"Mere, can I ask you something?"

"Sure sweetie."

"I was wondering if from now on when you spank me, if you could just leave my underwear on." Meredith looked at her sympathetically.

"No, you will be spanked on your bare bottom."

"But it's too embarassing!!" Leah whined. "And I'm too old for that!"

"Sweetie, I'm sorry, but that's the way it will be....forever. Ya know, if you hate it so much you really should stop disobeying John and I. That's a really good way to make the spankings stop." Leah didn't say anything; she just looked out the window.

The day moved along extremely slowly for Leah. She wasn't allowed to leave Meredith's office, and Meredith had the TV monitor removed so that Leah wouldn't be able to watch the goings-on in the studio, or anything on television. She removed her laptop from the office as well, so all Leah could so was her homework. She didn't even think to bring a book to read. All she had were text books. She walked around a lot, trying to relieve some of the pain that her bottom was feeling, and also to shake off some of the anxiety she was feeling over her spanking that was scheduled for that night. She reasoned with herself that it wasn't like she would die. It would be painful, yes. But it wouldn't kill her.

Meredith didn't have time to take any breaks, but managed to take a plate of food for herself and for Leah from the kitchen. She brought it up to her office and sat down. Leah was thankful not for the food, but for the company. She didn't think that she had ever been so bored in her life. They had a casual conversation as Meredith quickly ate, and before Leah knew it she was gone. She was divided somewhere between wanting the day to end so she could go home and end the boredom, and wanting the day to last forever so that her spanking never came.

It eventually did come though. Addie conveniently had to go out just after dinner to meet a friend, which provided an hour long window for Leah's punishment to take place, saving her the intense embarassment of Addie hearing them. Meredith and Leah were sitting in the livingroom watching television when Addie left. Shortly after Meredith turned to Leah.

"Ready to get this over with?"

"I guess...if we have to."

"Okay, good. So we're clear on the fact that you won't be drinking any time in the near future?"

"I promise, I won't."

"Excellent. Let's go my room." Meredith stood up and waited for Leah to lead the way upstairs. Once inside Meredith closed the door. She wanted to make sure Leah really did remember this punishment so she decided to change things up a little bit. Leah had worn a cute peasant skirt that day to strategically lessen the pain she was feeling. This also made the process less embarassing for her. It was much easier to handle Meredith flipping her skirt up than it was to have her actually pull her pants down like she was a little girl.

Meredith sat down on her bed and asked Leah to come to her. Leah obediently went to her sister and, with teary eyes, accepted her guidance in going over her lap. Once in place Meredith flipped her skirt up and immediately pulled her panties down. Leah didn't protest; she didn't want her arm pinned like it was yesterday. It made her feel too helpless and trapped.

Meredith started spanking Leah's already-purple bottom again, and noticed that Leah was crying right away. She must have still been sore from yesterday. Doing this made Meredith feel horrible, but she knew that there was no other way...especially now that she had started. She spanked Leah's bottom with sharp slaps until a bright pink was glowing through the purple. By this point Leah had actually kicked her panties off in her attempts to avoid the spanks. Meredith flipped her skirt down and had her stand up.

"I want you to bend over the bed," she said, gently pushing Leah down until she was bent right over, her upper body resting on the bed, her toes barely touching the floor. Leah was crying and sniffling, trying to catch her breath and stop.

"Why?" she managed to ask through her sobs.

"Because I'm spanking you with a belt. I think you're old enough to be disciplined this way when you do something serious enough." Meredith explained calmly.

Leah crossed her arms over top of one another and lay her head down on them and cried. Meredith picked up the belt, doubled it so that she was holding the buckle in her hand, and approached Leah. She put one hand on Leah's lower back, gently pushing down to hold her in place, flipped her skirt up to rest on her back and with the other she raised the belt and brought it back down. Leah cried out in pain as the burn of the belt seered into her already hurting skin. Meredith brought the belt down once again with force and Leah cried out louder.

" have to stop!!" Leah blubbered. "It hurts too much!!" she cried. Meredith had to stop for a second to compose herself.

"I hope you think about how much this hurts the next time you're tempted to steal or drink. Understand?" Leah nodded and cried.

Meredith brought the belt down once again and was having a hard time keeping Leah in place. She wasn't going to scold her for it, she understood that it must be hurting her terribly. Instead she pushed down harder on Leah's back, and brought the belt down once again. She had decided on thirteen, for Leah's age. She delivered the next five spanks quickly, and when she stopped for a breath she noticed that Leah was shaking a little, and crying harder. She decided not to prolong the experience, so she delivered the same five spanks with a little bit more intensity and speed. She stopped for a second, and delivered one final extra-hard spank that landed across Leah's upper thighs.

She put the belt down, and eager to comfort Leah, put her skirt back into place and sat down next to her, lovingly rubbing her back. It took several minutes of Meredith's soothing words for Leah to calm down enough to apologize for her behaviour. She stood up, with Meredith's help and leaned into her sister for a hug. She clung to her for comfort and didn't want to be away from her. Once they discussed the punishment and the cause, they went downstairs to watch tv. Leah sat down right next to Meredith on the couch and leaned on her. Maybe it was true. Maybe spankings did bring them closer together.

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Angie said...

even though that was scary anticipating like that, the ending was so sweet.