Sunday, November 23, 2008

Leah 10

"Why don't I give you a couple of minutes..." Meredith said, about to get up.

"No! Don't go!" Leah cried and clung to her sister. Meredith hugged her back and looked concerned.

"Okay, it's okay, I'm not going anywhere."

"Can I ask you something?"

"Of course sweetie, what is it?"

"How can I stop doing the things my friends want me to do without losing them?" Leah asked, sincerely worried.

"Well....I know you probably don't want to hear this, but if they aren't willing to be your friend despite your not doing things that you're not allowed to do, then they aren't worth having as friends. But I know how stupid that must sound to you. You could always tell them that you don't want to get into any more trouble, or that you just don't feel comfortable doing these things. I know your friends Leah, they're sweet girls. They should respect you enough to not make a big deal out of your saying no."

"I really didn't want to take your alcohol Mere. I knew I shouldn't have, and I didn't want to drink it either. I just didn't want my friends to think I was a loser."

"I understand that...I really do. But you still have to learn to use your better judgement about these things. It really comes down to what you think is more important to you and who you are. Doing the right thing, or impressing other people. Maybe that's something we could work on together."


"'s the deal. I'm going to have to punish you for stealing and for drinking. I know you think you're too old for a spanking, but Leah, you need to know that what you've been doing isn't okay, and I don't know any other way to get that through to you. So I'm going to spank you with my hairbrush for stealing and with the belt for drinking."

"No, I...." Meredith cut her off before she could continue by placing a finger gently on Leah's lips.

"Don't argue with me, I've made up my mind. I know it's unpleasant for you, but I only have your best interests at heart. I don't want to hurt you, and I would never do anything to endanger your safety. Right?" Leah nodded, wiping away a few tears. "It's going to know that. But you also know that what you did was wrong, and we all have to pay for our mistakes some way or another."

"Can I say something...I'm not going to argue with you I promise, I just want to say something"

"Yes, you may."

"Can you please wait to punish me until a time when Addie isn't here? It's too embarassing!"

"Addie isn't here right now, she went out." Leah let out a silent sigh of relief. Meredith's cell phone began to ring, inturrupting the silence. She looked at it, planning not to answer it, but saw that it was her assistant and had no choice.

"Hi, just a sec okay?" she said into the phone, then pushed the hold button and looked at Leah. "I have to take this. While I'm on the phone I would like you to go into my room and stand in the corner. I want you to seriously think about what you did and the effect your behaviour today has had on others. Think about your teachers having to take time out of their day to deal with this, think about my having to leave work, think about your friends parents having to leave work, think about how your stealing from me makes me feel." Leah got up without a word and went down the hall and into Meredith's room. She found an empty corner and stood in it.

As Leah stood in the corner she actually did try to focus on her behaviour and how it was effecting Meredith. She knew that Meredith and John had never intended to have kids...of their own or otherwise. They were stuck with her, whether they wanted her or not. It was their responsibility to make sure she grew up to be a responsible and successful person. Leah understood this intellectually, and also emotionally. The more she thought about it the worse she felt. She promised herself that she would try harder, and that she definately wouldn't drink or smoke again. Maybe her sister was right. Maybe she did need to be stricter. But really, how much more strict could she possibly be? Leah was scared to death of spankings, but that didn't always stop her from doing things she isn't allowed to do. There's always a gamble involved. First, will she get caught? There's always a chance that she won't. And second, is what she wants to do worth being punished? Sometimes.

Meredith came through the door to find Leah standing in the corner, her arms hanging perfectly at her sides, and her head bowed as if in prayer, but rather than praying she was sniffling. She left Leah standing there, crossed the room and went to her large oak dresser, opened the bottom drawer and pulled out the heavy hairbrush that was never actually used for brushing hair. She went to the bed, stood beside it, and crossed her arms. She considered this intimidation tactic to show Leah that she was serious.

"Leah, come here please." Meredith said sternly. Leah slowly turned around and immediately noticed that Meredith was standing rather than sitting. She usually liked to be at eye level with Leah, which forced her to look directly into her eyes. Yikes. She didn't move. She just stood there looking at the ground.

"Leah...I'll remind you once of the rules. When I tell you to do something, you need to do it. Otherwise you'll be getting another spanking later for disobedience. That being said, I want you to come here. Now." Leah slowly took one step, and then another, until she was standing in front of Meredith. She didn't take her eyes off the floor the entire time.

"Look at me please Leah." Leah slowly lifted her watery eyes until she was looking into Meredith's. "Do you have anything to say?"

"I'm so sorry" Leah said, her voice shaking terribly, and large tears running down her face.

"Thank you" Meredith said, sitting down. She set the brush down next to her, reached out and firmly gripped Leah's wrist and pulled her close. As she unbuttoned her pants and pulled them down, she lectured Leah, not taking her eyes off of Leah's face once.

"I've been very disappointed in your behaviour in the past Leah, but I think this is the first time that you've actually hurt me. To steal from me? From me! After everything John and I do for you, you do something as disrespectful as stealing. That's not okay. In fact, it's disgusting. I don't want to hear of you EVER stealing from anyone ever again. Do you understand me?" Leah nodded. "Good."

Meredith guided Leah to her side, and then lead her over her lap. She helped her into place, her upper body resting on the bed, her stomach and hips over Meredith's lap, and her legs dangling.
Meredith didn't say anything more. She secured Leah in place by holding her around her waist with her left arm, and then lifted her right arm about a foot into the air, opened her palm, and sharply slapped Leah's right cheek, and then left. She didn't get much of a response from Leah at all for the first couple of minutes; nothing more than a whiny "ow" once in a while. She knew that spanking Leah's thighs always got a response, and promptly moved down her bottom until she was at her thighs. She slapped each one with a little more intensity than she had been and quickly had Leah crying. She moved back to her bottom, and finished with a few well-placed spanks to each cheek.

She stopped for a moment, hooked her fingers in the waistband of Leah's panties and began to tug them down. Like clockwork, she felt Leah's hand grip her own. Instead of arguing with her, she forcefully grabbed hold of Leah's wrist and pinned it at the small of her back. While she tugged Leah's panties down with her free hand she noticed that Leah's crying had reached a higher point. It was more like one continuous uncontrolled sob than actual crying. She actually had to remind herself what Leah had done in order to continue hurting her.

She picked up the hairbrush, took a deep breath, and began spanking Leah quickly and sharply. Leah was letting out loud cries of "OW!" through her sobbing, and Meredith tried not to listen. When she noticed that Leah's bottom was turning a deep purple rather than a bright pink she decided to move to her upper thighs. Leah was struggling to get away, and Meredith was tightening her grip, determined to teach her a lesson she wouldn't forget. She counted slapped the hairbrush down on each thigh several times before deciding to finish this part of Leah's punishment. She moved back to Leah's little bottom and counted 13 slaps of the hairbrush on each cheek. She set the brush back down on the bed and gently released her grip on Leah's wrist allowing it to hang. She used both hands to pull Leah's panties back into place and helped her stand up. Leah immediately started rubbing her burning bottom. Meredith gently moved Leah's hands away from her bottom, pulled up her pants and snapped them, and pulled her into a big hug.

As she calmed Leah and reassured her of her love she couldn't help but dread the fact that she had promised a second spanking for drinking. be continued

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oh gosh! Well, she has it coming this time. So nicely written though, thanks!