Monday, March 15, 2010

Addie and Alexis- Part 4

Téa ran her hand through her hair and let out a long breath of exhaustion. Addie returned to her homework, silently processing everything that had just happened. She felt terrible for Alexis, knowing better than anyone how hard their mother spanked, and how much it hurt. But on the other hand, she was a little bit happy that Alexis was getting in trouble for what she did…she did deserve to be punished after all. Addie’s thoughts were interrupted as she heard her mother open up the utensil drawer. She looked up to see her taking out a little wooden spoon. Téa turned, and left the room without looking at her oldest daughter, and quickly made her way up the stairs and down the long, spacious hallway to Alexis’s room. She entered the room, and closed the door behind her. Alexis was curled up on her bed hugging her favorite teddy bear.

Téa sat down on the bed and pulled Alexis up into a hug.

“I’m sorry Mommy,” Alexis said, crying.

“I love you so much sweetheart,” Téa said, holding Alexis tightly for a minute, and then letting go, turning slightly to look at her.

“Do you understand why you’re in trouble, Lex?”

“Yeah, I shouldn’t have lied to you, and I should have woken Addie up this morning, but Mom, I’m too old to get a spanking, I’m EIGHT!” Lex exclaimed.

“Ya know, when Addie does something bad, she gets spankings too,” Téa said.

“She DOES?!” Alexis asked, shocked.

“Mmm hmm, she does, so don’t think for a second that eight is too old. Are you ready to have a civil conversation about what happened this morning?”

“Okay,” Alexis said, looking down at the floor.

“I want you to look at me please,” Téa said, gently lifting Alexis’s chin, letting go when Alexis’s gaze met her own. “Thank you. Why did you lie to me this morning?”

“I don’t know. I just wasn’t thinking, that’s all.”

“When you told me that you had talked to Addie, did you think about how you were lying to me, and that you aren’t allowed to lie?” Téa asked.

“Well…I didn’t think about it, it just kind of slipped out, and then I knew I was lying, but then I thought I could get Addie up as soon as I hung up and then it wouldn’t matter, but then my show was starting so I didn’t want to miss any of it.”

Téa thought for a second, and accepted this answer. It was a very “Alexis” thing to do; she was easily sidetracked.

“I understand that it wasn’t intentional, but you did lie, and you have to be punished for that, and now that you’re old enough, that means that you’re getting a spanking. Do you understand me Lex?” she asked gently, not wanting to ignite another fight like the one they just had downstairs.

“I understand that what I did was wrong, but you already spanked me, that’s not fair!” Alexis exclaimed, afraid of another spanking.

“I spanked you downstairs for not doing as you were told and for fighting with me,” Téa explained slowly. “I’m giving you your spanking for lying to me now. If you had listened to me and gone up to your room when I told you to, you never would have gotten the first spanking.”

“But Mommy….it hurts too much! Why do you want to hurt me?!” Alexis asked.

“Sweetheart, I don’t want to hurt you. It breaks my heart to see you crying. But I would be a bad parent if I let you get away with this. You wouldn’t learn anything from it. Think of it like my work. I’m a lawyer, and I’ve explained to you before how people who break the law have to go to prison as punishment? Well, this is kind of the same. I’m your Mom, which means that I make your rules, or laws. You broke one of my rules, so that means that you have to be punished, and here, in my house, that means that you get grounded, or extra chores, or, if you’re really bad and break a really important rule, like lying, you get a spanking. Does that make sense?”

“Yeah…I guess so,” Alexis responded, sadly.

“Alright then, stand up please,” Téa said, helping Alexis to her feet and positioning her right in front of herself.

“No more lying,” Téa said firmly, pointing her index finger at Alexis. Alexis nodded and looked away.

Téa got partway through unbuttoning Alexis’s jeans when she felt Alexis’s hands on her own, trying to stop her.

“Alexis….” Téa warned.

“No…Mommy! You can’t do that!” Alexis whined.

“When I give you a spanking, it will always be on your bare bottom. Now, move your hands please. And if you don’t cooperate with me, you’ll be getting another spanking before bed,” Téa warned. Alexis knew from her slow, deliberate speech that she was serious. She let out a pained sigh and dropped her hands.

Téa tugged Alexis’s jeans down to her knees and lifted her up and over her lap. Alexis was beginning to panic a little bit, realizing that her mother was going through with this after all, and she had no way of escaping. Téa pulled Alexis close and kept one arm circled around Alexis’s waist. She rested the other hand on Alexis’s flower print panties for a second. Without letting herself start thinking about the fact that she was about to make her baby girl cry, she lifted her hand and began spanking Alexis. She noticed right away that it was different from spanking Addie because her bottom was so little, Téa’s hand covers most of it at once. She began to develop a rhythm, concentrating on holding Alexis still, and alternating back and forth, up and down, at a steady, firm pace.

Meanwhile, the sting in Alexis’s bottom was starting to build and she was starting to seriously regret telling that one little lie. As her Mom continued spanking, each slap getting a little harder than the one before it, Alexis began to whimper a little, and kick her feet. She thought that at least 15 minutes had passed and that it must almost be over. In reality, it had only been a couple minutes, and it was far from over.

“Ow! Mommy!! When’s it gonna be over?” Alexis cried, tears finally escaping her closed eyes.

“Not yet” Téa said calmly, focusing now on Alexis’s sit spots, causing Alexis to cry even harder. After a couple of dozen spanks in that area, Téa stopped, noticing the bright pink hue peeking out from the edges of Alexis’s panties.

“Is it over?” Alexis said between sobs.

“No, we’re only halfway finished,” Téa responded, rubbing Alexis’s back for a minute, giving her a chance to catch her breath, although upon hearing this news, she started crying harder.

Téa hooked her fingers in the waistband of Alexis’s panties and pulled them down to rest just above her knees. She picked up the small wooden spoon that had been sitting behind her, and rested it on Alexis’s bottom. Alexis flinched at its cool touch.

“What’s that?” Alexis asked, looking over her shoulder. Once she caught sight of the wooden spoon her eyes widened and she started to claw at her beadspread, trying desperately to get away. Téa, however, was already holding onto her tightly, and was ready for this attempted escape.

“Alexis, stop right now,” Téa warned, slapping her once sharply with the spoon.

“Owwwww” Alexis cried, instantly stopping her struggle. “Please stop Mommy! I’ll never tell a lie again, I promise!”

Now that Téa had Alexis back under control, she re-adjusted her and tightened her grip, bringing the spoon down sharply, spanking one cheek, and then the other, continuing in this perfect rhythm, the spoon leaving small bright red marks each time it made contact with Alexis’s small, pale bottom. Alexis stopped kicking and just cried and screamed, begging her mother to stop. After a dozen slow spanks with the wooden spoon, Téa slowed her pace, and began to lecture.

“I don’t ever want to have to punish you for lying again Alexis. You know how bad and dangerous it is to lie, and if I ever catch you lying again you’ll find yourself right back over my lap, but the spanking you’ll get will be much worse young lady. Do you understand me?” she asked, continuing her slow, rhythmic pace.

“Yes Mommy….please, please stop, I promise!” she pleaded.

“Good, I’m very serious about this,” Téa reminded her, delivering the last of the spanks quickly and sharply, causing Alexis to start crying harder.

Téa put the spoon down and rubbed Alexis’s back soothingly for a few minutes, and stroking the back of her head. Once Alexis calmed down a little, Téa pulled her up and onto her lap, rocking her back and forth. Alexis eventually stopped crying, and Téa wiped the last tears off her daughter’s face, and tucked a few stray hairs behind her ears lovingly.

“You okay?” she asked. Alexis nodded.

“It just really, really hurts,” she said, still sniffling, a few more tears running down her face.

“I know, and it’ll probably hurt for a couple days. It’ll remind you not to tell lies, and that if you do, you’re in big trouble with me,” she explained. Alexis nodded again, and leaned into her mother for comfort. Téa wrapped her arms around Alexis, and kissed the top of her head.


Sadie said...

Yay! I just noticed that you are posting again... great stories and great characters

Dayzee said...

that was so poignant and beautifully written! I love domestic spanking stories! The mix of maternal sternness and affection was palpable. ~~Dayzee

Storm said...

Absolutely love it. Nicely done!

Anonymous said...

I Salute you for your work....