Sunday, February 22, 2009

A Break From The Usual.....

Well, I finally caved and spent some time creating my version of "25 Random Things About Me" that seems to be dominating Facebook lately....and figured that since I spent all that time doing it for my Facebook page, I might as well post it here too! So in the interest of getting to know me, here it is!

1. I like milk and honey in my tea, and cream and sugar in my coffee

2. I love everything about winter

3. I enjoy needlecrafts- I cross stitch, knit and crochet

4. My dog has a beautiful smile (laugh.... I know you want to!)

5. My teeth look straight, but really, they all slant slightly to the right

6. I call my Grandpa every Sunday afternoon

7. I eat oatmeal for breakfast every morning...not the instant kind...I make it in a pot

8. My favourite book always seems to be whatever I'm reading at the time

9. I can watch the same episode of Friends over and over again and never get sick of it

10. We share the end of a loaf of pumpernickel bread every day at work, even though we're not supposed to eat the food :-D

11. I'm equally terrified TERRIFIED of needles and snakes

12. I go to yoga class and spend the entire time trying to do things better than whoever is unfortunate enough to be next to me...which of course, completely contradicts the point of yoga

13. I hate scrapbooking, but I do it anyways because I feel like I should

14. I used to be a synchronized swimmer

15. I LIVE for Long Island Iced Teas

16. I'm very weird about having time to myself

17. I say that I love gardening, but really, I love to go out, buy plants, then sit in a chair and tell my mom where to plant each one...which she will actually do

18. I absolutely love donkeys

19. I have serious laundry problems. It always seems to pile up...but the "problem" part is that I refuse to keep dirty clothes in my bedroom. They're piled on the floor of the laundry room...which is very unfortunate for those I live with

20. My roomate and I go to Chapters/Starbucks every Friday, buy a coffee, gather up magzines, and then sit on the couch and read them for hours

21. I'm addicted to One Life to Live (for those of you who aren't losers like me, it's a soap)

22. I don't like's annoying and noisy, most of the time. I chalk this up to having lived in a bedroom right underneath my brother's for 17 years listening to the ridiculously loud banging of his music at all hours of the day and night which my parents conveniently didn't think was "all that loud"

23. I really can't stand people who can't tolerate the beliefs and opinions of others

24. I've worn the same size of clothes since I was 12

25. I think there's something really exciting about driving in crazy's like an added challenge


Angie said...

9. My fave friends episode is where Monica explains the 7 erogenous zones to Chandler...

12. You can feel especially good about yourself if you pick your yoga neighbor before hand. Overly tight jocks work good for this.

19. Tsk. Too bad you aren't here. Laundry is actually my fave chore.

22. Gasp! I Have to have music on! I love lots of different styles, but will almost aways have something on in the background, especially if I'm alone.

24. Wow!

25. Yes, an added challenge like avoiding being turned into a popsicle for the rest of the winter....

Kate said...

I love that episode too! Monica is so funny there.. "seven, seven, seven, seven!" LOL!

I can't pick a favourite, but I have a few off the top of my head that I LOVE....Rachel, Chandler and Ross trying to get Ross' couch up the stairs, Rachel and Chandler and the cheesecake, Phoebe running, Ross' tan....I could go on and on. Hmm...I think I'll watch some Friends before bed tonight, it's been a while!

And I'm getting better with my music. I acutally allow (and NEED) the radio to be on ALL day at work, and in the car. These are big steps for me :-)