Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Dear Janet- 13

Dear Janet,

Thank you so much for your last letter. I'm glad you talked to your Mom about slapping your face. It's great that she's agreed to take your feelings into consideration. She seems like a very kind and loving person. I'm eagerly awaiting your description of the rest of your punishment for helping Cathy go out...As for me, I can't seem to stay out of trouble.

I think I mentioned that in my last letter as well....but nothing has changed since then. I didn't think I was that bad of a kid until I moved in with Ruth and Burke. When I lived with Lizzie and our parents I hardly ever got into trouble. It seems like the more Ruth pushes me to be "good" the less able I am to do what I want.

The reason I'm writing to you today is because I got in trouble tonight...and so did the girls. I actually got into trouble for trying to keep them out of trouble. Go figure. I know I questioned whether or not is was a good idea for you to try to keep Cathy out of trouble because she wouldn't be "learning" but now I suppose I understand why you do.

I just couldn't bear the thought of those little girls being spanked again. They're so young and small and well-behaved and sweet....I don't want their parents to break their spirits, so to speak.

I was home with Rachel and Hannah babysitting after school tonight and we were having a good time. They always love to be able to spend time with me. I played Monopoly with them, and we baked cookies. The girls were smiling and laughing, and so was I. They got a little restless while the cookies were in the oven and started playing around in the sitting room....a room they weren't allowed to play in. It was filled with Royal Doulton figurines...some were very old, family heirlooms, and other things like that. If they wanted to play they were to play in the living room, the basement, or in their bedroom. In my defense though, I didn't really know that this was a "rule." All I knew was that the only time we spent time in there was when someone was playing the piano.

The sitting room is right off the kitchen and they wanted to be close by when the timer dinged. You know how little kids are. They were so excited. I thought it was harmless. Until I heard a crash. I immediately ran into the sitting room to find a very old piece of china on the ground, shattered intoa ton of little pieces. It just happened to be a dish that our Great-Grandmother had brought over from England when she moved here. Not good.

Rachel and Hannah were frozen, staring wide-eyed at the dish. Little eight year old Hannah started to cry.

"It's okay Hannah, it was an accident" I said, hugging her."

Nooo! Mommy and Daddy don't care if it was an accident! We aren'tallowed to play in here!"

"You're not?" I asked.

"Noooo!" Hannah cried, clinging to me.

"Why didn't you tell me?" I asked, flustered.

"Because we wanted to play in here. We really didn't think we'd break anything" Rachel said calmly. Rachel had just turned nine, and was trying to be "mature" about the situation...she was all about acting mature lately.

I think her anxiety about what her parents would do got the best of her because she started sniffling.

"Alana, please! Don't let Mommy spank us! She'll use the strap, it hurts too much!" Hannah cried.

Burke was out of town, thank goodness, otherwise that little girl would have been a lot more scared.

"Okay, it's alright sweetie" I said. "We'll think of something."

"What? What are we gonna do?!" Rachel cried, now fully realizing the extent of the situation."Okay....I'll just...I'll tell your Mom that I went in to get something and tripped and bumped into the table. It's okay...you won't get in trouble" I said.

I really should have learned after the chocolate incident to look behind me before I tell the girls to lie to their mother.

"What's going on here?" Ruth said, coming in through the kitchen. That was enough for poor Hannah, she burst into tears again.

"I accidentally broke this plate" I said. "I'm so sorry Ruth, I tripped and bumped into the table" I said.

"It's okay Alana, an accident is an accident. Don't worry!" she said. Phew, she must not have heard us talking.

"Hannah, it's okay" Ruth said, pulling her close. "It was an accident Hannah" she said, trying to calm her daughter. The timer on the oven went off and Ruth looked at me.

"We're making cookies" I said innocently."Oh, you girls are so sweet" she said, leading Hannah, who was now alot calmer, to the oven to help take the cookies out. I went upstairs to work on some homework, Hannah went outside to play, and Rachel was reading in the living room, while Ruth was making supper.

What I didn't know was that she was also cleaning up the broken plate.

While she was sweeping, she happened to notice acouple of toys. Rachel and Hannah's toys, which shouldn't have ever been in that room. Then she noticed that a coffee table was moved to the side a bit. And then a tennis ball.

"Alana?" Ruth called up the stairs.

"Yeah?" I called back.

"Can you come down here for a minute?"

"Yep" I called back, finished the line I was reading, and went down into the kitchen where I found Rachel. Ruth was outside calling Hannah in. They emerged together.

"I want you three to put both of your hands here on the island counter like this" she said, placing both of her palms on the counter in front of her. None of us moved, we were all confused.

"Why?" Rachel asked.

"Please just do it" she said calmly, and we all hesitantly complied. "Now, I'd like the three of you to stay like this. Don't lift your hands off the counter until I come back. While you're waiting I want you to think very carefully about what happened to my plate" she explained, and left the room.

"What are we gonna do?" Hannah whispered.

"Stick to the story" I whispered back.

After about 15 minutes, Ruth returned with the toys from the sitting room in her hands. She put them down on the counter.

"I found these in the sitting room. So Alana, could you please tell me how my plate was broken? And I do remind you, there is a stiff penalty here for lying." I cleared my throat.

"I....uh...I was helping the girls bake cookies and they wanted to play near-by so they could be here as soon as the timer went off" I said slowly.

"So are you saying that they were playing in the sitting room?" she said.I cleared my throat again.


"Yes we were!" Hannah blurted out. "Alana's just trying to be nice to us! We were playing in there and we broke the plate, not Alana!!"

Ruth looked a little surprised by her youngest daughter's outburst.

"And why did Alana say she broke it?"

"Because Hannah started crying and saying that she didn't want to get in trouble, that's why" Rachel said cynically.

"Mmm hmmm." Ruth said. "And what is our rule about the sitting room?"

"It's for sitting only" the girls said in unison grimly.

"But..I...I didn't actually know that" I said. And I swear, I said it respectfully.

"I know you didn't. The girls shouldn't have lead you to believe otherwise. And you shouldn't have lied. It doesn't matter how much of a fuss Hannah puts up, she must learn to obey." Ruth lectured. "You three young ladies are in very deep trouble. You two know better than to play in the sitting room" Ruth said to Hannah and Rachel. "And you," she said turning to me, "most definately know better than to lie to protect them" she said. "You've all earned yourself a spanking" she said. All three of us started to get a little teary and queasy at this announcement.

I took my hands off the counter and turned around to where she was behind me to try to protest, but she unexpectedly delivered two sharp spanks to my jeans-covered bottom.

"Oww!" I said, rubbing the sting.

"Hands back on that counter right now Alana" she snapped. And I complied.

She started rifling through drawers in front of us and pulled out a horrendous looking wooden spoon. It looked worn, and was very thick. It had a large flat surface, almost a perfect circle. My eyes widened, and I'm sure Rachel and Hannah's did as well. Ruth turned to face us holding the spoon.

"Lying is not tolerated in this house. Do all three of you understand that?" she asked sternly. We all nodded. "Disobedience....such as playing in a room that you know is off-limits...is not tolerated in this house. Do you understand that" she snapped again. And we all nodded again. "Good. You are all going to be punished for this. Hannah, you first. You two keep your hands on the counter and don't even think about turning around" Ruth said, and Hannah slowly and tearfully turned around.

I can't tell you what her spanking looked like because I didn't turn around. But she cried and pleaded for her mother to stop. It was enough to make me cry. I do know that once she was finished spanking her with that horrid spoon she pulled her panties and pants back up, which made Hannah actually scream. I know this because Hannah was placed right back beside me with her hands on the counter with strict instructions not to rub her bottom, which must have been horribly difficult for an eight year old.

The same process was repeated with Rachel, with Ruth spanking and lecturing, and Rachel crying and promising to be good. And then there she was, back on the other side of me with her hands on the counter, which only meant one thing: my turn.

"Okay Alana" Ruth said in a no-nonsense tone. I slowly turned around to see her sitting on a kitchen chair that had been pulled into the middle of the room. "Come here right now" she said, and I did...slowly. Once I reached her she pulled me to stand in front of her.

"We've already spoken about lying, haven't we Alana?" she asked firmly.

"Yes Aunt Ruth" I said.

"So why is it that you feel the need to continue?"

"I'm sorry, I just didn't want Hannah to be sad" I said. Ruth softened.

"I understand that, and it's very sweet of you to protect the girls, but, again, lying is not tolerated here. You're not being punished for letting the girls play in the sitting room. You didn't know the rule. I want you to understand that. What you are being punished for, is lying to me. Is that clear?"

"Yes" I said quietly.

"Okay. Now unbotton your jeans and pull them down" she said.

I was very surprised at this. Normally she did this herself. I slowly unsnapped them, and slid them easily to my knees. Standing there in front of her in noththing but my bikini cut panties and sweater was absolutely humiliating. And the situation worsened when she reached out and slowly tugged my panties down. I immediately started to cry softly at this. She guided me over her lap, secured me around the waist with her hand, and wasted no time in bringing that spoon down onto my bare bottom. It made a horrible noise, and then the sting registered. Icried out.

She must have been spanking very hard. I don't rememberthe other spoon hurting this bad. She snapped the spoon down on mybottom what seemed like hundreds of times. I was crying and pleading, and squirming to get away from her. But she was stronger than me, so I was trapped. She began to spank my sit-spots very hard and fast, and all I could do was scream. Finally she finished, and immediately helped me stand up, and back into my panties and jeans.

I was beginning to think that this punishment wasn't actually over. I didn't dare rub my bottom with her watching, but I shifted from leg to leg trying to relieve some of the pain, still sobbing like a little baby.

"Now, I want all three of you to sit down at the table" she said.

"What? No!" I protested, not able to bear the thought of sitting on a hard wooden chair. My protest was met with a very hard spank to my outer thigh. The girls saw this, and saw my pained reaction, and quickly but carefully sat on a chair. I had no choice but to do the same.

Ruth disappeared into the other room for a few seconds and returned carrying three Bibles, and three small stacks of paper with three pens. She told us a book and chapter to turn to, and we all did, all of us still crying.

"I want you all to start copying chapters 5 to 12, and nobody gets up until I say so" she said.

She went back into the main part of the kitchen and worked on dinner. The three of us painfully and tearfully wrote away, copying word for word. I was sure the girls were just copying it, because they were so young. But I was reading as I copied, and soon discovered that it was about obedience to God. There was clearly a messege here. After about a half hour Ruth told us we could stop, took our supplies away, and replaced them with dinner plates. We all ate in silence, still sniffling away the odd tear.

Once we were all finished, Ruth stood up.

"Okay you two, come give me a hug" she said to the girls. They happily rose and ran to their mom. She pulled them both into a big hug, and held them for several minutes. She reassured them of her love and forgiveness.

"I want you two to apologize to Alana for getting her into this situation in the first place" Ruth said.

"I'm sorry Alana" Hannah said.

"Sorry Alana" Rachel echoed.

"Now I want you in bed, teeth brushed, and I don't want to hear a word from you until the morning" she said, and they nodded and ran off.

Ruth came around to my side of the table and held out her arms. I stood up and she hugged me, rubbing my back.

"I'm sorry Ruth" I said.

"I know dear. And you're forgiven as well" she said, and released me.

"Can I help you clean up?" I asked.

"That would be very nice" she said, and together we started to clean up from dinner. I wanted nothing more than to take my pants and panties off and lie down on my stomach, but I thought it would be better to help her. So that's what happened today.

Why didn't I just tell her the truth in the first place? My bottom actually has a blister on it! Can you believe that? It hurts SO much!

Well anyways, I better go to sleep, I have school in the morning. Oh God, the chairs at school. Oh well....Hope to hear from you soon with the continuation from your last letter!


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