Sunday, November 23, 2008

Leah 8

John looked somewhere between distraught and excited as he spoke to one of his band members on the phone. Lawyer by day, rocker by night- as described by Meredith.

"I'll get back to you right away man, I have to talk to Meredith......okay.....bye." John hung up the phone.

"Talk to me about what?" Meredith said, causing John to jump; he didn't know she was behind him.

"That was Steve...we landed a gig at Rocks."

"Oh my gosh, congratulations!!" she said, kissing him. Rocks was one of the most popular rock clubs in the city. Record labels were there every night, and to be able to schedule yourself in to play there was basically a ticket to success.

"'s tomorrow night."


John, Meredith, Addie and Leah were spending the week upstate in the mountains- an eight hour drive from their home in the city. Meredith's job requires quite a bit of travel, and this particular trip was also used as a family vacation. Addie had time off work, and Leah was excused from school. They were staying in Meredith's small cottage which acted as her home in her early twenties. The trip had gone well and they were having a great time. Everyone got to choose one activity that they wanted to do throughout the week, and coincidentally, Leah's activity was the next night. She was inexplicably obsessed with lacrosse. Nobody knows where her interest came from...she just wanted to join a team one day and has been obsessed ever since. And it just so happened that her favourite national team was playing only an hour away from their cottage the week they were there. So attending the lacrosse team was Leah's choice activity, and Meredith had managed to arrange a meeting with the team after the game. Leah was looking forward to it more than anything; it was all she talked about. So this was the problem.

"We have to go home John, you can't sacrifice this opportunity."

"But what about Leah? All she's talked about for weeks is this game."

"We'll talk to her. I'm sure we can get tickets to another game soon...she'll have to deal with it."

"Are you sure?"

"I'm sure. This is a big deal, you have to be there for the band."

"Okay, I'll call Steve back."

Leah and Addie were sitting at the kitchen table playing cards, one of their favourite pasttimes.
"Awwww no!!" Addie exclaimed, as Leah scored even more points. Leah giggled. "You know I can't lose!" Addie often let Leah win, but pretended to be upset when she lost. She played the sore loser role very well, and Leah bought it. It made her laugh and laugh, which made Addie happy.

"Ha!! See? I'm the queen of this game!" Leah cried.

"Yeah, we'll see" Addie teased.

Meredith and John walked into the room.

"So? Who's winning?" John asked.

Addie pointed at Leah. "She is. Shocking!" Everyone laughed.

"Can you guys take a break? I need to talk to Leah." Meredith said.

"We sure can" Addie said, excited to have a break from entertaining Leah.

Leah got up from the table and followed Meredith into the small cozy livingroom. There was a fire burning, and music was playing. They sat down on the couch.

"Am I in trouble? Because I didn't do anything" Leah said hesitantly.

"No sweetie, you're not in trouble. I want to talk to you about something. John got a phone call from Steve today, and they've booked a really important show for their band tomorrow night in the city."

"So he has to go home?"

"No sweetie, we all have to go."

"What about lacrosse!"

"We'll have to miss it this time. I know that you were really excited about it, but this is really really important for John. I promise we'll get tickets for the very next time your teams in the city."

"That's not fair!! Everyone else got to do what they wanted!! Why can't he just go by himself?!" Leah whined.

"I know it isn't fair, but we have to make sacrifices in life sometimes. I have to be back at work the day after tomorrow and so does Addie, so we'll all have to leave together. I promise, we'll get tickets for the next game."

With tears rolling down her face Leah got up and ran upstairs to her room, and slammed her door. Meredith shrugged this off and knew Leah would eventually get over it. She decided to go back into the kitchen and start making dinner rather than follow Leah upstairs and try to talk more. It wasn't normal for Leah to storm off upset and not come down shortly after, so when an hour passed and they still hadn't seen or heard Leah Meredith had to go find her. She climbed the stairs and knocked quietly on Leah's door.

"Leah?" she asked.

"GO AWAY!" Leah yelled from inside the door. Meredith took this as permission to come in. She opened the door. Leah was sitting on her bed with her knees pulled up to her chest. She looked angry.

"Dinner's ready sweetie."

"I'm not eating with you people." Meredith took a deep breath.

"Leah, I know you're upset, but I won't allow you to talk to me like that." Leah rolled her eyes.

"Come down for dinner now." Meredith demanded in a no-nonsense tone. Leah got up and stomped out of the room and down the stairs. She stomped into the kitchen and sat down at the table, crossed her arms, and glared at John.

"I'm sorry about your lacrosse game honey" John said.

"Yeah, I'm sure you are." Leah said sarcastically.

This set the tone for dinner: tense. They didn't speak much, and Leah didn't eat anything. When everyone (except Leah) was finished she asked to be excused. Meredith said yes, and she stomped back upstairs and slammed her door again.

About an hour later John went up and knocked on Leah's door. He was the one who could always reason with her. They respected eachother and were usually good friends. Leah didn't tell him he could come in, so he slowly opened the door and stuck his head in.

"You in there?" Leah said nothing, so he opened the door wider and stepped in. "What do you say you and I go to the Dancing Blueberries for some dessert?" Leah rolled her eyes.

"Get out."

"Leah, come on sweetheart. Don't be upset....I'll get you tickets to the next game tomorrow, as soon as we get home."

"No, I don't want them. What I want is for you to get out." John looked at her for a minute and decided it would be best to leave her alone.

"Okay." he said simply, and left the room.

Leah didn't leave her room for the rest of the night. Meredith actually checked on her a couple times to make sure she was still there. They got up early in the morning, packed up their stuff, loaded the car, and had still heard nothing from Leah. Meredith and John went into her room and gently nudged her until she woke up.

"Good morning sweetie" Meredith said softly. Leah didn't respond. "It's time to get up." Leah closed her eyes and rolled away from them. Meredith gently took her arm and rolled her back over. Leah violently pulled her arm free.

"Don't touch me!"

"Sorry. It's time to get up. I've packed the car...we're leaving in a half hour."

"I'm not going."

"Leah, don't start. You're thirteen, not seven. Act like it." Leah didn't respond, again. "You heard me." Meredith said sternly. They left the room and finished getting ready.

Meredith felt badly about the situation and understood that Leah was upset. She was prepared to listen to her feelings and her complaints, but she wasn't in the mood to tolerate any extreme rudeness.

Forty-five minutes later Leah still hadn't come out of her room, and there wasn't much movement upstairs; Meredith had no choice but to go up again. She knocked on the door, and once again, got no response. She entered to find Leah sitting on her bed in the same position as last night: knees pulled up to her chest, head down.

"Leah?" Meredith said softly as she approached the bed. Leah didn't move, so Meredith sat down. "Sweetie, we have to go."

"I told you, I'm staying here." Leah said coldly, lifting her head.

"You're not staying here." Meredith said calmly. "I know you're disappointed, and I understand that. I'm willing to talk about your feelings with you, and I'm absolutely going to make this up to you. But I won't tolerate any rudeness or disrespect. So please get ready to go." With this comment Leah got up, threw some clothes, books and a CD into a duffel bag, pulled the blanket on her bed up, and looked at Meredith.

"I'm ready" she growled through clenched teeth. Meredith knelt down to look Leah in the eyes, taking hold of one of her hands.

"I expect good behaviour on the drive home, and I'm serious. You will not make rude comments, and you will not make John feel badly. If I hear any of that you will get a spanking when we get home. Understand?" Leah rolled her eyes and nodded. Meredith let the eye-roll go for now, and lead Leah out of the room.

Five tense hours of driving had passed, and Leah had made several rude comments to John and Meredith...and even Addie. They stopped for some lunch about an hour earlier, and when John asked Leah what she wanted her response was "Nothing from you" and proceeded to sit in the car while everyone else had lunch. These kind of comments continued despite Meredith's warnings, and got worse as Leah grew more and more bored of the long drive.

In an attempt to be kind and make small talk John asked Leah if she wanted to come see his band tonight, and her response pushed Meredith over the edge. Leah responded with an outburst of anger.

"NO! Your band SUCKS John! Nobody likes it, and I definately don't want to see it! I don't know how you can be so stupid as to think that you guys are even a little bit good! GOD!"

John gasped a little, and turned back around in his seat to face forward. Addie looked completely shocked (she had never seen this side of Leah before, even after living with her for the first eight years of her life) and Meredith looked furious, but said nothing. Nobody spoke for ten or fifteen minutes, and when they approached a rest stop along the highway Meredith pulled in. Addie and John looked at eachother, confused. Meredith got out of the car, slammed her door, went around to the back of the car and opened Leah's door.

"Get out" she demanded. Leah knew she was in trouble so she slowly got out of the car to avoid making a scene in front of Addie and the few tourists who were hanging around the area. As soon as her feet were on the ground Meredith grabbed onto her upper arm and marched her to an area in front of their car that was partially secluded from the other people. With her free hand, and without saying a word she sharply hit Leah's bottom as hard as she could, causing Leah to cry out and rub her bottom. John and Addie could see them from the car.

"Did she just.....hit Leah?" Addie asked, oblivious to the situation.

"Donnn't!" Leah cried, trying to yank her arm free of Meredith's strong grasp. Meredith hit her again.

"Stop it right now Leah!" she hissed quietly to prevent the tourists from hearing them. Leah stopped trying to pull free and concentrated on rubbing her bottom. It dawned on her that Meredith might actually spank her right there.

"Okay, okay! Don't spank me!" Leah cried desperately. Meredith sat her down on a picnic table and knelt down to look directly at her.

"I'm only going to say this once. You will not make one more rude remark, you will not say mean things to John, and you will apologize to him. The second we get home you're getting a spanking with my hairbrush and if you don't behave for the rest of the drive I'll find something much worse to spank you with. Do you understand?" Leah nodded. "I want a real answer Leah, with words. So you understand me?"


"Good. Let me be clear. The only reason I'm not taking you over my knee right now is because of these people around and I could only imagine what the headlines would be tomorrow if someone realized it was me. But that won't stop me from taking you into a washroom somewhere and spanking you. Another word and that's what will be happening. Got it?"

"Yes." Leah said quietly and respectfully.

"Good. Let's go." she said, pulling Leah up to standing and leading her back to the car. She opened Leah's door for her to climb in and slammed it behind her. She also got in.

"I'm sorry John...for what I said." Leah whispered from the backseat.

"It's okay sweetie." John said.

The rest of the drive was very quiet. Leah didn't look at Addie once, knowing full well that she had seen Meredith swat her. They dropped Addie off at her and Jeremy's house and as soon as the door was closed and Addie was out of earshot the lecture began.

"I am so disappointed in your behaviour Leah. I know you're upset but we both promised to get you tickets to the next game. But that's not good enough for you, is it? You can't have everything you want when you want it, life doesn't work that way!" And so on and so on until they reached their house. When they pulled into the driveway Meredith turned off the car and turned around to face Leah.

"I want you to take your bag, take it up to your room, and stand in the corner until I come up. Okay?" Meredith said. Leah nodded her head yes, grabbed her bag, and ran into the house. She did as she was told, taking her bag to her room and standing in an empty corner of the room. She was too angry about the entire situation to feel guilty, but she was still scared about her impending spanking. The more she thought about it the more upset she got. She hadn't been spanked with the brush in a long time...lately it had just been a quick hand spanking for something small....not since she had been caught smoking a couple months ago had she been seriously spanked. Her hands instinctively went to her bottom, rubbing slightly where Meredith's hand had come into contact with her green khaki pants, and her stomach began to do flip-flops. She was grateful that Meredith wasn't mad enough to spank her at the cottage...the walls weren't soundproof at all!

After what seemed like an eternity Leah started hearing the commotion of coming in and unpacking come to an end. She heard the familiar drip of the coffeepot, and then heard the footsteps on the stairs. Meredith came into her room and closed the door behind her. As much as Leah wanted to turn around, she knew to wait for the instruction.

"You can turn around" Meredith said almost kindly. She was holding something in her hand- a piece of paper. "Come sit down" she said, taking Leah's hand and pulling her to her large bed, they sat down next to eachother. Meredith looked at her for a minute, as if she was looking for something. Then she held out the paper for Leah to take and look at. Leah took it from her.

"What's this?"

" the receipt for the four tickets I just bought online for an Excelsiors game here in the city in two weeks. Ive also arranged the same lockerroom stuff we were supposed to do tonight."

"Oh my gosh...thank you Mere!" Leah exclaimed, smiling from ear to ear.

"You're welcome" she said matter-of-factly. "I told you I would get them, you didn't have to be so horrible to everyone."

"I guess I shouldn't have."

"No, you shouldn't have. You acted very immaturely today...I'm very disappointed in your behaviour Leah. I haven't raised you to act that way."

"I know, but I was just...I was so mad! I had to go to that stupid country music concert for Addie...and apple picking....and even to the wine tasting...and I can't even drink! It just wasn't fair."

"I know it wasn't fair, and it's okay to be upset, but I expected you act more maturely about it. You said some terrible things to John that he certainly didn't deserve. He didn't want to come back for this ya know. He was worried that it was too unfair to you. But I told him to." There was a few seconds of silence.

"Oh" Leah said quietly. "I didn't know that."

"No, you didn't. You didn't give anyone a chance to explain things."

"I'm sorry."

"You should be. And as soon as your punishment is over you're going to apologize to John and ask him if he needs any help with filing while he's gone tonight."

"But he asked me if I wanted to go."

"I'm sorry Leah but you've lost that priveledge. Because of how you acted you'll be staying home, and because of how you acted I'll now be staying home with you. Again, you need to realize that your actions impact others!"

"Sorry." Leah muttered, Meredith nodded approvingly.

"Stand up please" Meredith ordered. Leah slowly stood up, he stomach already in a knot. Hmmm Meredith didn't have the hairbrush with her. Maybe she changed her mind.

She pulled Leah infront of her, undid the button of her pants and slid them down so they were bunched around her ankles and lower legs. Leah stood awkwardly in her striped blue and white bikini cut panties, her hands clasped in front of her. Leah was a small thirteen and was easily moved around by Meredith, who, although small herself, was still much stronger and taller than Leah. She guided Leah over her lap and shifted her a little until she was in position. Leah gripped chunks of her comforter in her small fists and braced herself. She felt Meredith pull her closer with one arm, holding her tightly, and resting the other arm on Leah's back.

"The next time you're upset you're to talk to us about it, not lash out in anger at people." Meredith scolded.

"I know" Leah said, but not sarcastically. She genuinely knew better.

With that Meredith lifted her hand off of Leah's back and brought it back down onto her pantied bottom, eliciting a small yelp from Leah and a loud slapping sound. Meredith spanked her slowly, but with great force. It was clear that this wasn't just a quick spanking to make a was more serious. Meredith was determined to teach her a lesson.

She continued spanking Leah's pantied bottom until a bright pink colour emerged on her pale skin. She then shifted her attention to Leah's upper thighs which made Leah cry out with each spank. She had been somewhat quiet so far, but that ended as soon as Meredith's hand began slapping her thighs. They soon glowed with the same pink that could be seen around her panties, and Meredith hooked her fingers under the waistband of Leah's panties and began to pull them down. No sooner did she have them in her grip did she feel Leah's small hand on her's.

"Leah....." she warned.

"Please don't! Leave them up, I'm too old for that!" Leah exclaimed through her sniffles.

"Were you too old to act so badly today?" Meredith asked matter-of-factly. Leah didn't say anything. "Leah?"

"No" came Leah's small and quiet reply.

"Then move your hand, and don't argue about your punishment anymore."


"Leah!" Meredith demanded, and with that, Leah took a deep breath, let out a small cry and moved her hand back to it's spot gripping her bedspread. Meredith continued to pull her panties down until they were just above her knees. She began to spank Leah's bottom, focussing on the area that had been partially protected by the thin layer of cotton. Leah had reached her breaking point and began crying out with each spank, and as the intensity increased so did her pleading.

Meredith shifted her focus from Leah's bottom to her upper thighs once again with more intensity than before.

"Please stop....owww!!" Leah cried. She started struggling to get away, and when Meredith felt this she only strengthened her grip around Leah's waist, and when Leah felt this she stopped and just started sobbing. Having already planned to finish up with her hairbrush in her office, Meredith decided that she should finish up with this part of Leah's punishment. She delivered a few more well-placed spanks to Leah's sit-spot, and rested her hand on Leah's back for a minute, thinking. Leah continued to cry, and Meredith pulled her panties back into place, only needing to shift a little bit to get them back into their proper place. She let Leah cry as she rubbed her back for a couple minutes.

"It's okay's okay" Meredith soothed. Leah stopped crying, wiped her eyes with her hands, and, placing her hands on Meredith's leg, stood herself up. Meredith reached down and pulled her pants back up and snapped them at the waist. Leah reached back to rub her stinging bottom, and before she could make contact Meredith caught her wrist.

"No, no rubbing." Meredith said softly. She took Leah's other hand as well and held them in front of her gently but firmly. "I want you to know that how you acted today wasn't at all acceptable."

"I know" Leah said through her watery eyes.

"I love you so much, I don't like to see you acting like that."

"I'm sorry Mere."

"I know."

"Do you think Addie's mad at me?"

"I think you might want to call her and say you're sorry."

"Yeah...." Leah sat down beside Meredith on the bed, even though it hurt considerably, and leaned against her. "Do you think we could go visit Mom and Dad sometime soon?" Meredith put her arm around her.

"I'd love to, but I think they're pretty busy honey" Meredith said gently.

"I miss them...a lot."

"I know, so do I. All we can really do is wait. I've expressed to them several times how much you, and I, would like to fly out for a visit...and they just...they don't seem all that interested right now." It broke her heart to tell Leah this, but she decided a long time ago not to hide things from her sister, but rather to tell her the truth and be there for her no matter what. "You know it has nothing to do with you and I sweetie. They're just so caught up in the Hollywood thing. They love you more than anything." Meredith wished she believed what she was telling her. She knew it was true, but seriously doubted it sometimes.

"But they're our parents! How can they not want to see us?! My friends' parents' are like...obsessed with them! They have to know where they are all the time and what they're doing. Why aren't Mom and Dad like that?"

"I don't know. But....I do know someone who's obsessed with you..." Meredith said slyly with a smile.

"I know, you and John love me. But no offense, but it's not the same!'s kind of the same, but I still know that I have parents who don't want to see me. And it makes me sad sometimes."

"And that's okay, it's okay to be sad." Leah nodded, and Meredith tucked a long blond hair behind Leah's ear. Leah got up and started to walk toward her door.

"Where are ya going?"

"To say sorry to John, and then unpack my stuff" Leah said innocently.

"Sweetie, we're not finished here yet." Leah turned to fact her fully.

"What do you mean?"

"I told you you would be getting spanked with my hairbrush, and I was serious." Meredith explained calmly.

"I....I thought you changed your mind!"

"I'm sorry, I didn't. Have you not learned by now that when I say something I mean it?"


"No but's Leah." Meredith stood up and took Leah's hand in her own. "Let's get this over with." She started to walk with Leah, and suddenly Leah pulled her hand free.

"I don't want to!" she said angrily. Meredith gave her "the look" that basically said "don't mess with me" and Leah noticed this. "Please?" she said sweetly.

"You know better than to ask me something like that....and do I need to remind you that little outbursts like that are exactly what got you into trouble in the first place?" Meredith scolded. Leah looked at the ground, and didn't say anything. Meredith firmly took her hand back, and with a stronger grip this time, took Leah across the hall into her office and closed the door. Once inside she released Leah's hand and went to her desk drawer to retrieve the hairbrush. Leah stood shyly where she had been left standing and watched with fear as Meredith took the brush in her hand and pulled her chair out into the room. Then she started toward Leah. Leah, meanwhile, had developed a serious case of the butterflies, and her fear got the best of her as she began to back away from Meredith and bolt for the door. Somehow she made it out the door and halfway down the hall before Meredith caught her.

"Hey! Leah!" Meredith called angrily as she followed her. She grabbed Leah's arm as quickly as she could and instead of cooperating, which might have been the wiser choice at this point, Leah sat down against the wall and wouldn't let Meredith pull her up. After fighting for a moment Meredith stopped, took a deep breath and knelt down infront of her sister.

"What do you think you're doing Leah?!" Meredith demanded.

"I don't want another spanking!" she cried.

"Listen to me Leah. This is not about what you want. This is about consequences for bad behaviour, and I know you understand that. You know far better than to run away from me when you're in trouble, and unless you want to be in even more trouble I suggest you stand up right now and march yourself back into my office."

Leah looked at her for a minute and considered her options. Try to run, refuse to move, or just go. Only one option ensured less trouble and she realized she had no choice but to listen to her sister. So she stood up and allowed herself to be somewhat violently pulled back into the office. Meredith took her inside, shut the door, and walked her to a corner and placed her in it.

"You can stand in the corner for a while and think about what you did, since it's obvious that you don't want a spanking right away. You can wait. And don't you dare move an inch." Leah didn't say anything, quietly accepting her fate. Meredith went to her desk, turned on her computer, and began to return emails from work. Only about five minutes later Leah turned around.

"What do you think you're doing?" Meredith asked sharply.

"Can I go to the washroom please?"

"You have two minutes, and I'm counting." Leah ran for the door and let herself out.

While she was gone Meredith stopped pretending to read e-mails and stared out the window. Was she doing the right thing? She had no idea. Not long after Leah left she returned, much to Meredith's relief, and walked right back into the corner without looking at her sister. Meredith exited what she was working on, stood up and went over to her sister. She gently put her hands on Leah's shoulders and turned her around. Leah wouldn't move her eyes away from the spot on the floor she was looking at so Meredith knelt down in front of her and lifted Leah's chin, forcing her to look at Meredith.

"Are you finished fighting with me?" she asked calmly. Leah sniffled and nodded her head.

"Good. Because I really don't enjoy this any more than you do. You realize that right? Don't you think I'd rather just have fun with you? Like how it used to be?"

"Then let's just forget about this and....and go back to how it used to be!"

"We can't do that sweetie. I love you and I have to be a responsible parent." Leah rolled her eyes a little bit and smiled.

"I know" she said quietly.

"Okay. So no more fighting. Let's just get this over with and get back to life. Alright?" she said this very kindly, as if she was trying to persuade Leah to agree with her. And if she was, it worked. Leah nodded, rubbed one of her eyes, and allowed herself to be pulled into a big hug. After a couple of seconds Meredith released Leah and, holding onto her hand somewhat tightly, led her to the chair that had been pulled out earlier. She sat down, and silently pulled Leah toward her, unbuttoned her pants and slid them down. She pulled/lifted Leah across her lap and tugged her panties down, revealing a glowing pink bottom. She reached down and picked her hairbrush up off the floor and rested her hand on Leah's back.

"So. We're not going to behave like you did today anymore, are we?"

"No" Leah said quietly. "Sorry."

With that Meredith wrapped her arm around Leah's waist pulling her closer, and lifted the hairbrush into the air slightly, and brought it back down on Leah's left cheek, and then the right. This quick motion brought out a yelp from Leah. Meredith continued bring the loud stinging cracks down on Leah's burning bottom, and Leah began to kick and cry. Meredith closed herself off to the cries that made her heart ache and continued to do what she knew was her parental responsibility in teaching Leah to be a better person.

"Please stop! Pleeease!" Leah cried. Meredith stopped for a second.

"We're not finished yet honey" she said quietly, and then continued. She shifted her focus to Leah's upper thighs, which she knew was the most painful place to be spanked. Leah began to yell out an "ow" in between her cries each time the hairbrush made contact with her thighs. After a few minutes (which probably felt like a few hours to Leah), Meredith gave her bottom a few final extra hard swats with the hairbrush, put it down on her desk beside her, and rubbed Leah's back until she calmed down.

"It's over sweetie. It's all over." Meredith soothed. She pulled Leah's panties back up and Leah pushed herself up, placing her hands on Meredith's legs for assistance. As soon as she was on her feet Meredith pulled her close into a big hug, kissing the top of her head. "I love you so much" she almost mumbled.

"Love you too." Leah said through her sobs. They held eachother for a few more minutes, and Leah pulled away. Meredith picked the pants that Leah had kicked away up off the floor and held them out for Leah to step into, which she did. Meredith pulled them up easily and snapped them shut.

When Leah stopped crying completely they went downstairs together to find John, who was on his way out the door.

"John!" Leah yelled from the stairs as he was going out the door.

"Leah!" John yelled back as he turned back around to face them, closing the door. As they approached him John opened his arms, and Leah let herself be hugged.

"I'm SO sorry John."

"It's okay sweetie."

"No it's not, I shouldn't have said those things.....I really do love your band, I was just mad."

"I know, it's forgotten."

"Thanks" she said so genuinely that it made John's heart melt.

"No, thank you for apologizing sweetie, it means a lot to me."

" you have any filing that I can help you with while you're gone?" John began to shake his head no, but caught a glimpse of Meredith standing behind Leah nodding her head to imply that she would like Leah to do filing.

"That would be great, thank you. There's a pile of files beside my desk you can work on."

John left, and Meredith took Leah upstairs and and had her sit down on a hard wooden chair infront of John's desk with a pile of files that was almost as tall as Leah. She left her in the office knowing that she wouldn't disobey.When Meredith came back upstairs a couple hours later to get Leah for a snack she found her head on the desk, fast asleep.

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Angie said...

I'm sorry if my comments all sound alike, but again, such a great chapter.

You really capture that age quite well.

And I would have been worried about a rest stop spanking, I got more then one of those growing up, and have given a few as well.

I also like how you described her glowing bottom through her panties, so very accurate.

And poor thing, Ow! to have to sit after while doing the filing!