Sunday, November 23, 2008

Leah 6

Leah waited in her sister's office, nervously pacing the length ofthe room. After dinner she had been told to wait in the office whileMeredith and John finished cleaning up and talked some more. So, with butterflies in her stomach and tears in her eyes, she went upstairs.As she paced she fingered the hem of her thin black zip-up hoodie,that had been strategically placed over top of a teal blue tank top,which in turn, was strategically placed on top of a black tank topwith wider straps. The shirt ensemble matched her denim capri pants perfectly, as they too had a teal blue flower embriodered on one ofthe legs. She considered her clothes to be fashionable, and thoughtabout the shopping trip she and Meredith had taken only a couple ofweeks earlier when her sister bought her an entire new springwardrobe at the more upscale stores in the city.

Maybe Penny didn'tget to take these kinds of shopping trips with her sister or mother.Maybe they couldn't afford to buy new clothes period. Let aloneclothes from expensive trendy shops. Things started to fall intoplace as Leah thought about these things. She always consideredherself to be lucky because Meredith and John constantly reminded her of this, but she didn't generally think of the people whowere "unlucky." People like Penny. But maybe Penny WAS the lucky one. She had parents who loved her enough to complain to the principalabout the other girls making fun of her, and Leah was envious ofthis. Yes, Meredith and John would do the same for her withoutquestion, but it just wasn't the same as her parents doing it forher. She didn't have much more time to dwell on this fact because Meredith opened the door to her office, and closed it softly behindher. Leah turned around to face her sister, looking visibly worried.

Meredith made her way to where Leah was standing and looked down at her timid looking younger sister. It always made Meredith's heartbreak when she had to spank Leah. The look of fear on her face when she was about to be spanked was the same look that Meredith saw on her face the day her parents dropped Leah off and announced that they wouldn't be coming back. She wanted to give Leah everything, to lether do whatever she wanted, to give her back her happiness, but whatshe wanted and what she knew her responsibilities are were two different things entirely.

Meredith wrapped her arms around Leah suddenly, hugging her tightly. Leah clung on as well, enjoying this feeling of safety. She felt like Meredith could protect her from anything. Leah burst into tears for the forth time today, and instead of scolding her, Meredithlet her cry, as she rubbed her back in a calming and motherly way.Time wasn't really of the essence so Meredith just let Leah cry foras long as she wanted. She eventually stopped, and still leaning against her sister enbraced in her large protevtive hug, said "Meredith if the girls at school were mean to me like I was toPenny, would you go to the principal too? Like Penny's Mom did?"

"Of course I would sweetie, I'd do anything for you. You know that."

"What about Mom and Dad? Do you think they would?" Meredith froze when she heard this question. She wasn't expecting it, and she didn't know what to say.

"Well, sweetie, we talked about Mom and Dad, and how their priorities are a little bit different than most people's."

"So you're saying they wouldn't." Leah concluded.

"I am baby. They probably wouldn't do anything. They might pay someone else to do it for them, if they're feeling especially generous that day." this comment earned a small giggle from Leah. "But that doesn't mean anything. What does matter is that John and I, and Addie and Jeremy, we would do anything you needed."

"I know." there was a moment of silence, then Leah spoke again, very softly and genuinely. "I'm sorry you had to leave Oprah today. I knew it was an important day for you. I didn't mean for that to happen. I didn't think they'd actually call you in."

"I know. But the upside is...this acts as the perfect example of how your irresponsible actions influence others. And I've told youseveral times before....your actions have consequences, and you're responsible for them."

"I know" she said, looking down.

"So...should we get this over with?" Meredith asked.

"I'd rather we didn't" Leah said sweetly. When she got no response she looked up and noticed that Meredith was looking at her with a serious expression on her face, and it became clear that it wasn't the time for games. "I guess so" she said miserably.

Meredith went over to the armless chair that was located behind her desk in a darkish corner of the room. She lifted it, and moved it further down the wall, away from the corner and desk. She then went to her desk, opened a drawer, and pulled out the hairbrush. Leah had been watching Meredith's every movement, and when she sawthe hairbrush her eyes grew wider.

"No....Mere..." Leah begged quietly. Meredith looked at her,then moved over to her and took hold of her upper arm.

"Don't tell me no Leah" she said as she marched Leah over tothe chair. Leah began to pull away from her, and Meredith was forced to give the side of her upper lef a sharp slap.

"Oww!" Leah whined, and rubbed her leg with her free hand.

"You will either cooperate with me, or you'll be getting another spanking tomorrow morning in addition to the one you'll be getting tomorrow night."

"Okay" Leah mumbled. "Sorry."

Meredith sat down on the chair, and pulled Leah to her side. She moved her hand down to Leah's and continued to hold it.

"I want you tell me why you're being punished."

"Because I was mean to Penny."

"Yes. And what should you have done?" Leah's eyes werebrimming with tears, hating to be grilled and scolded like this.

"I should have been nicer to her. I should have treated her nicely even when other people weren't."

"Good. You know that what you did to her was wrong, and you know how disappointed John and I are with what you did. If I everhear of you doing anything like this again you'll be getting a much worse spanking than the ones you'll be getting this week. Do youunderstand me Leah?"

Leah nodded yes, and flicked a few tears fromher face. Meredith nodded in approval.

"Alright, over my lap please" she said as she gently pulled on Leah and guided her over her lap and into place. She released Leah's small hand, which Leah used to clench onto the bottom of Meredith's pants, both the steady herself, and to help calm herself.

"I don't want to have to deal with this kind of behaviour again after this week Leah" Meredith scolded.

She lifted Leah's just above knee-length skirt back and out of the way. She took a breath, and began to deliver sharp stinging slaps to Leah's pantied bottom. As she alternated from left cheek to right, she noticed Leah's bright blue and white striped panties that seemed to match her outfit perfectly. She wondered if Leah had coordinated it on purpose. Her mind then began to wander, and she started to think about how smart and cute Leah was, and had to shake her head slightly in order to re-focus herself, and concentrate on the reason she had to punish her little sister.

A bright pink hue was developing around the panties, and Meredith decided to pick up the pace and intensity a bit. She started to spank harder, which gained a few heart-felt cries from Leah, who was crying softly. Leah was trying her best to be as quiet as she could, and was doing everything in her power of self-control not to reach her hand back, because she knew that would make Meredith really mad. Meredith decided that it was time to spank Leah's bare bottom-it was essential in making a lasting impression, even if it was all psychological, it was still necessary. So Meredith abruptly stopped, released her grip from Leah's waist, and began to pull the panties down. All of the sudden Meredith felt Leah's small hand digging it's nails into Meredith's hand. Meredith sharply slapped Leah's hand,which immediately moved.

"OW!" Leah cried.

"This is your warning. Do not reach back again. Do you understand?" Leah sniffled, and nodded.

Meredith continued to pull the panties down until they were bunched just above Leah's knees. She wrapped her arm around Leah's waist once again and pulled her close. She began spanking her again, even sharper. Leah was now crying constantly. After Meredith spanked Leah's bare bottom until it was a purplish colour she moved to her upper thighs. Again, she spanked this area with the sharpness she felt the punishment deserved.

"Nooo please stop Meredith! It hurts!!" Leah cried.

"It's supposed to hurt Leah." Meredith said somewhat gently,as if to communicate to Leah that she wasn't happy about inflicting pain on her. As she continued spanking her upper thighs, Leah's cries became more heart-breaking, and her thighs became more purple. Leah was now struggling to get away, even though she knew it was impossible. She couldn't help it. Meredith stopped and picked the hairbrush up off the floor.Realizing what was happening, Leah yelled "Nooo!" between heruncontrollable crying.

"Please give me your hand Leah." Mereidth ordered, so that Leah wouldn't reach back and get hit by the brush. She reluctantly reached it back, and Meredith took it in her hand and pinned it at the small of her back. Leah felt so confined now that she just cried. Meredith began to bring the brush down with painful slaps to Leah's bottom. The brush makes a specific sound when it slaps down, wood hitting bare skin, and Meredith could actually hear it overLeah's loud and insistent crying. She again had to re-focus herself. She decided to count to 20, 10 on each cheek, which she did with powerful spanks. Leah could feel the sting of the brush, as well asthe throbbing pain that followed each time Meredith brought the brushdown onto her bottom because of how slow Meredith was delivering these spanks. Leah was crying steadily, and whimpering each time the brush was brought down.

Meredith then moved her attention to Leah'supper thighs, which were already a bright pink colour. She repeated the same count to 20, and set the brush down. She released Leah's arm, which seemed to remain where it was. Meredith pulled Leah's panties back up. She didn't want to leave Leah exposed for any longer than necessary at her age. Despite the fact that she was being punished, and the humiliation was an effective part of the process, she didn't want to take it too far. She always pulled them back up for another reason as well. She knew that after a spanking such as the one she just delivered, the smallest contact with skin would make Leah's bottom hurt even more. So she also did this to make the punishment more effective.

She smoothed Leah's skirt back over her panties, and pulled her up into a big hug. She held her for quite a few minutes,calmingly rubbing her back. She whispered calming and loving words in Leah's ear the entire time. When Leah's breath had returned to normal Meredith released her and stood her up. She lovingly put one hand on Leah's shoulder, and wiped the tears off her face with the other.Leah reached back to rub her throbbing bottom, but Meredith caught it and placed it back at Leah's side.

"No rubbing yet sweetie." Meredith said, and positioned the chair in front of her desk. "I'd like you to sit down here, and write Penny a letter saying how sorry you are."

Leah began to shake her head."Can't I write it standing up?" she asked innocently.

"No, you can't. Sit please." Leah did, and yelped out of pain the second her bottom made contact with the chair. Meredith rooted through her desk until she found cards. She sorted through them and pulled out an "I'm sorry" card with a cute ladybug on it. It was just a happy coincidence that she happened to have an obsession with buying greeting cards. She handed Leah a pen."Go ahead. I'll be downstairs. You may come down and join uswhen you're finished."

Leah nodded. Meredith smoothed the hair on thetop of Leah's head, and kissed it. "I love you so much Leah. Please think before you treat someone like that again." Leah nodded again.

"Love you too Mere." Meredith started out the door. "Mere?"Meredith turned around.

"Yes honey?"

"Thank you for doing so much for me."

"Aww you're welcome. I wouldn't have it any other way." With this she left the room. Leah wrote a sincere letter of apology, slowly and painfully stood up, and gently rubbed her bottom. It felt like it was swollen a little bit. Instead of dwelling on this, she decided it would be best to go downstairs and apolpgize to John as well. She went down and into the living room, said she was sorry, was lovingly forgiven, and invited to join them in watching tv. She gladly accepted, hoping to charm her way out of tomorrow's promised spanking.


Angie said...

Ahhhh, so sweet. I love how firm Meredith is, but so loving, and so caring after.

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