Saturday, November 22, 2008

Leah 3

A month had passed since Leah's first spanking, and, although things had improved quite dramatically, she had received one not-so-serious spanking from Meredith for lying about the whereabouts of a piece of Meredith's clothing. A piece that Leah had taken from her room to wear, or...more realistically, play with, and when Meredith asked her if she knew where it was, her response was "no." Unfortunately for Leah Meredith later found it while cleaning Leah's room, and they had to have a "discussion" about lying, during which Meredith's hand made stinging contact with Leah's bottom.

This improvement was about to come to an abrupt halt on a crisp November Sunday. John was home working in his office while Meredith and Leah went shopping for a birthday gift for John's thirteen year old neice. Leah was in a bit of a mood because she wanted to spend the day with her friends, but wasn't allowed for various reasons, though the final reason was "because I said so."

As they walked through the department store Meredith occasionally stopped at an item, turned to Leah and said "Do you think Caitlyn would like this?" Each time the question was asked Leah rolled her eyes, shurgged her shoulders, and said that she didn't know and she didn't care. And each time Meredith took a deep breath, told herself that Leah was just being a kid, and kept walking, keeping a positive attitude. About an hour into the shopping trip someone recognized Meredith from television and stopped them.

"Are you Meredith Forrester?" the woman asked as she stepped in front of Meredith and Leah forcing them to stop.

"I am" Meredith said, smiling kindly.

"Oh wow...can I just...can I tell you, I'm such a huge fan! I love you. Can I get your autograph?"

"Thank you so much, of course you can" Meredith replied.

As the two women began talking Leah wondered a few feet away to a bench and sat down. Every minute that passed was spent thinking about how much fun her friends were having without her and she got madder and madder. She crossed her arms, and her ankles, leaned back and looked at the floor. Several minutes later Meredith finished up with her new friend and came over to get her sister.

"Ready to keep shopping sweetie?" Leah looked up, but didn't say anything. She also didn't move. Meredith took another deep breath, held out her hand for Leah to take, and said "come on, let's go." Leah still looked at her and said nothing. Meredith had had enough. She kneeled down to meet Leah at eye level.

"I've had enough of your attitude for one day Leah. Unless you want a spanking, get up right now, put a smile on your face, and stop with the attitude" Meredith whispered, so that none of the other shoppers would hear them. This statement got Leah's attention, and she certainly didn't want a spanking, so she got up and followed her sister through the store once again. As they entered the jewelry department Leah quickly spotted a silver chain with a sparkly diamond flower on it, and knew she had to have it.

"Mere! Look as this necklace!" Leah exclaimed, and Meredith happily joined her infront of the display.

"It's beautiful. Do you think Caitlyn might like it?"

"Mere, can you please buy it for me, I love it!" Leah begged.

"No sweetie, we're shopping for Caitlyn today."

"Not today" Meredith said more firmly, and Leah pouted. "Let's find something for Cait and go for lunch, okay?" Leah thought for a minute, and eventually nodded.

"You said you had to go to the washroom, can I stay here and look while you do?" Leah asked. Meredith looked around, and realizing that the washrooms were located directly off of the jewelry department, she agreed.

"Don't leave this area, okay?"

"I won't, I promise."

And with that, Meredith left her sister admiring the necklace she so badly wanted. Leah looked around and realized that she was completely alone in the area, and picked up the necklace. She was smart enough to know that the small sticker with the barcode on it would make the alarm at the door do off. It all seemed so simple. She discreetly slipped the sticker off and hid it behind the box. She then, very smoothly and quickly, slipped the necklace into her coat pocket, zipped it up, and acted like she got her chapstick out to put on. She put some on, wandered around a bit, and put the chapstick back into the pocket, forgetting to zip it back up. She continued to "innocently" admire different pieces of jewellry until Meredith came back.

"Ya know, the more I think about it the more I'm sure that Cait would love a necklace. Maybe not that exact one you were looking at, but another one" Meredith said as she lead Leah back over to the display area where the necklace once was. "Oh wow, did someone buy it already?"

"Yeah, while you were gone" Leah said sweetly.

"Hm. So, what do you think?" Meredith said holding up another necklace. "Would Cait like it?"

Leah nodded, they paid for the necklace, and left the store. They had a nice lunch, and walked home. When they came through the back gate they were greeted by their big dog Shep who bounded toward them.

"Shep! Buddy! What's up?!" Meredith exclaimed, playfully petting the dog. The day had warmed up considerably, and as a result Leah tugged her coat off, and tossed it on the ground. She and Meredith chased the dog around and threw his ball for a while. Meredith was lost in thought as she watched her little sister's long blond hair blowing in the wind. Her smile was sincere and adorable as she laughed in excitement as she played with the dog. She seemed truly happy. Suddenly the sky clouded over and it started to rain lightly. Not enough to cause a panic, but enough for them to consider going inside soon.

"Hey Leah, let's head inside" Meredith said, bending down to pick Leah's coat up off the grass. As Leah and Shep headed over to where Meredith was, the necklace fell out of the coat pocket when Meredith picked it up.

"What's this?" She asked, bending down again to pick it up. When she realized what it was she was overcome with disbelief, disappoitment, shock and anger all at once. Leah was a few feet from Meredith when she saw what she was holding.

"Leah, is this the necklace from the store?" Meredith demanded. Leah stopped dead in her tracks and didn't say anything. "Answer me!" she practically screamed.

John had been in the kitchen making coffee and hearing his wife yell, which she rarely did, he stepped out the sliding doors onto the porch unnoticed. Leah was scared by the harsh tone of Meredith's voice and started to back away from her. Meredith realized what Leah was doing and leaped forward to grab her. Leah jumped out of the way and bolted for the house. Meredith spun around, and seeing John standing right in Leah's path, yelled "John! Grab her!" Right in the nick of time John leaned forward and grabbed ahold of Leah by the upper arm, pulled her close, turned her around to face Meredith and held onto both of her arms from behind her.

"What's going on?" John asked as Meredith angrily made her way up to the porch. Ignoring John's question she wasted no time in grabbing onto her and taking her from John's grip which he gladly released. She was firmly holding onto Leah's upper arm with one hand, and, slipping the necklace into her pocket, delivered two firm and stinging spanks to the side of each of Leah's thighs.

"OW! Don't!" Leah cried, trying to squirm free of Meredith's hold with no success. Meredith kept a firm grip on her sister.

"Don't you EVER run away from me again when I'm talking to you!" she scolded, spanking the side of one of Leah's thighs again for emphasis, causing Leah to cry out again, and rub her thighs with her free hand. Meredith took the necklace out of her pocket, and still holding onto Leah, kneeled down to look into her eyes. She held up the necklace and demanded an answer.

"Did you steal this from the store?!" When Meredith said this John gasped. He couldn't believe that his sweet twelve year old sister in-law was capable of stealing. All Leah had thought about at the time was how much she wanted the necklace. She didn't think of the fact that she knew it was wrong, and that it was always a possibility that she might get caught. Now that she was trapped she did think of both of these things, and figured that the only way to get out of trouble would be to lie.

"Okay, so how did it get into your pocket?" Meredith asked, not in an accusatory way, but in a truly confused and mystified manner.

" must have fell into my pocket when I was looking. Maybe......I might have bumped it or something." she stuttered. Meredith took a deep breath to calm herself, and continued.

"Leah, I want you to tell me the truth right now. Did you steal this from the store?" With tears in her eyes, Leah answered with a distressed "NO!"

"Alright. So if you didn't steal it, and it "fell" into your pocket, why didn't the alarm go off when we left the store? Where's the sticker that was on it?" She asked, again, in a non-accusatory manner. Leah realized that she had been backed into a corner, and didn't have any more reasonable answers, and burst into tears.

"I'm so sorry Mere! I just...I really wanted it!!" she said through her sobs. Meredith released her grip on Leah, but stayed at eye-level. She gently took Leah's hands and moved them away from her face that she was covereing, forcing her to look at Meredith.
"You will march yourself right upstairs and into my office right now young lady. Do you understand me?" Meredith said firmly and angrily. Leah nodded, and backed away from Meredith, walked past John, slid the door open, and went in.

"She STOLE?!" John exclaimed.

"I can't believe it. She asked if I would buy her this necklace, I said not today, and when I was in the washroom she took it! I really thought we had taught her better than that John. We give her everything she wants within reason, and she still steals."

"" John said as they went inside. Meredith put her shopping bag that contained Caitlyn's gift down on the table, and sat down. John handed her a cup of coffee.

"Not only did she steal, she lied....when I came back I noticed it was gone, and I asked her if someone bought it, and she said yes, while I was gone. Then just now she tried to lie her way out of it again. What are we gonna do John? This is just so bad."

"I know. I think that before you do anything you need to calm down."

"Well, that's a given." Just then the phone rang, and John was informed by his assistant that he was needed at work for an important and unexpected conference call from Europe about a case he was helping with. He regretfully left Meredith to deal with her sister.

Meanwhile, after Leah had rubbed the sting out of her thighs, she lowered herself into one of the big cushioned leather chairs that Meredith had positioned in her office infront of the window. She knew that what she did was wrong, and silently wished that she could go back in time and not take the necklace. She eventually stopped crying, but was terrified of what Meredith was going to do to her. It was pretty clear at this point that she was going to get a spanking, but she was worried about how hard it would be. She was also worried about what was taking her sister so long to come up.

Meredith entered her office and found Leah sitting in the chair. When the door opened Leah jumped. Her eyes were wide and her heart was beating as Meredith crossed the room, stood infront of her, and crossed her arms.

"Stealing is wrong Leah. It's wrong, and I will NOT tolerate it."

"I know, I'm sorry..." Leah started, but was cut off when Meredith inturrupted to her.

"Sh! I'm not finished. John and I always buy you things when you want them. Just last week you asked us for that nail polish and we got it for you, no problem. You need to understand that there are people in this world who are starving. There are people with no homes. You can't be so incredibly selfish that you don't care about that. All you thought about today was yourself and what you wanted. You weren't at all interested in looking for a gift for Caitlyn, which is SO rude considering the fact that she bought you such a nice gift for your birthday. And then you lied about everything. You KNOW that I don't under any circumstances tolerate lying, and you have to know that I also will not accept your stealing. It's illegal Leah!! What if you had been caught?!"

"I'm so sorry" she said, and started to cry again.

"Leah, what happened today can NEVER happen again, do you understand?"

"I do! I'll never do anything like this again, I swear"

"Good, that's good."


"Please don't spank me" Leah said, very seriously, with tears brimming in her big blue eyes, which made Meredith's heart melt.

"You're most definately going to be spanked for this, twice" she forced herself to say.

"What?!" Leah exclaimed, with those fresh tears now rolling down her flushed cheeks.

"You stole AND you lied Leah. You're going to have to be punished for both."

"Noo, please, it hurts too much when you spank me!"

"It's supposed to hurt, it's a punishment. If it didn't hurt, it would be pointless. And you should have thought of that before you acted so thoughtlessly today. Now. I'm going to spank you first for stealing...." she said, and as she was mid-thought a box in the corner of the room caught her eye. It was a box of large and sturdy wooden cooking spoons that had been delivered by a company who wanted her to autograph them to be auctioned for charity. She got up, went over to the box, and picked up one of the spoons. Walking back toward Leah she continued. "And then we're going back to the store to apologize and give back the necklace, and then when we get home I'm going to spank you with this spoon for lying." This caused Leah to start crying yet another batch of tears.

"Leah, that's enough" Meredith said, seating herself on an armless chair. "Come here" she said, and Leah didn't move. "Leah, if you don't cooperate with me your punishment will be worse, and you know that. I don't think that's something you want." With this reminder Leah reluctantly moved forward until she was within reach. Meredith reached out with both hands, put them around Leah's tiny waist, and pulled her close. She opened up her legs and pulled Leah between them, facing her. "Every time you think about stealing something from now on I want you to think about this spanking, and know that if this happens again, your spanking will be much, much worse." She lectured, as she unbuttoned Leah's jeans. Although Leah wanted to stop her, she didn't, knowing that she was already in enough trouble. Meredith slid her jeans down her legs and lifted her small body up and over her lap. Once she had Leah in the perfect position she secured her there by wrapping her arm around her waist so that she wouldn't be able to move around much.

Meredith began with a sharp spank to each cheek, and continued this pattern until Leah was crying out. Her bottom was turning pinker with each spank, and the areas that weren't protected by the white panties with purple stars on them acted as an indication of how effectively Meredith was punishing her little sister. After a couple minutes of this predictable pattern, quite soon after Leah had begun to cry out with each spank, Meredith's fingers hooked inside the elastic waistband of Leah's panties and tugged them down. As soon as Leah realized that this was happening she reached her hand back and managed to clasp Meredith's.
"Nooo please, leave them up!" she cried. When Meredith realized that her sister's small hand was trying to stop her, she did stop immediately, only to deliver two of her hardest spanks to Leah's upper thighs, causing her to cry out in even more pain.

"Do not reach back again Leah, do you understand?" Leah slowly moved her hand away, but didn't reply. Meredith once again slapped Leah's upper thighs as hard as she could, and Leah cried even harder. "I asked you a question and I expect an answer. Do you understand Leah?"

"YESSSSSS!!!" she cried, and Meredith finished pulling her panties down to rest just above her knees.

"I know you know better than to steal. You need to learn to think before you act" she lectured.

Leah wasn't hearing much of what was being said; all she could hear was herself crying. Meredith began to land sharp spanks to the areas that had previously been partially protected by panties. Before long Leah's whole bottom was a purpleish colour, and Meredith decided that it would be best to finish up. She delivered two of her hardest spanks to each of Leah's upper thighs, and then pulled her panties back into place. The contact the fabric made with Leah's bottom caused her to cry out even louder, and then she just cried quietly. Meredith lifted her up off of her lap and held her in her arms. Leah continued to cry for several minutes, and when she did calm down Meredith loosened her hug and held Leah back a bit.

"I'm SO sorry Mere"

"I know you are sweetie. I love you so much."

"Love you too." With that, Meredith helped Leah step out of her pants that were gathered around her feet on the floor, and lead her to a corner of the room.

"You're to stand here in the corner until I come back for you, and then we'll go to the store okay?" Leah nodded, and said okay. Meredith left the room.

About a half hour later Meredith came back into the room, picked up Leah's pants off the ground that were still lying near the chair where they had been kicked off, and apprached her sister.

"Okay sweetie, you can turn around" Leah did, and Meredith helped her put her pants back on. As the jeans rubbed up against and clung to her throbbing bottom, she started crying again, and rubbed her bottom. "Leah, please stop. Hands off your bottom, and I don't want to see them there again" Meredith said as she gently moved the girl's hands away.

"Please, can't I wear a dress or something?"

"No, I'm sorry, you can't. You're being punished and if that means that your bottom will be sore as we drive to the store, then so be it." She placed the necklace in her sister's hand, and together they left the room, went downstairs, put their coats back on, and got into the car. The ride was silent and long. Leah was deep in thought about how much her bottom hurt, and how embarassing it would be to have to return the necklace, and Meredith was deep in thought about her sister, and the fact that she actually stole something so valuble from an actual store. She didn't know what else she could do rather than spank her and talk to her. Nothing else would work. Meredith pulled into the parking lot, found a spot, and turned off the car. She turned and looked at Leah, who kept looking out the window. "Leah" she said, and Leah turned to look at her sister, without making eye contact. She kept her eyes on her hands and tried to concentrate on the colour of her nailpolish. Meredith placed two of her fingers underneath Leah's chin, lifting it and forcing her to make eye contact. She didn't let go.

"I am so disappointed in what you did today Leah, I really thought you were better than that. I want to make myself very clear. NO stealing, ever again. I don't care if it's as small as a piece of gum, or as big as an elephant. You don't pay for it, you don't take it. Got it?"

"Yeah" Leah whispered.

"Good. We're going into the store, and you will tell the lady working at the jewellry counter exactly what you did, and apologize. Do you understand?"

"Yes" Leah said, sniffling already.

Together they got out of the car, Meredith took ahold of Leah's small hand, and lead her into the store. They silently walked to the jewellry department and waited until the department manager was finished talking with a customer. Meredith gently pushed Leah forward, never releasing her grip on her hand.

"Excuse me?" Meredith said, and the woman behind the counter turned around.


"We'd like to talk to you about something for a minute if that's okay."

"Of course" the woman said, turning her full attention to them.

"Leah, go ahead honey" Meredith said. Leah took a deep breath, sucked back her tears, and started talking, very quietly, all the while looking at the ground.

"Earlier today, I saw a necklace I wanted and my sister wouldn't buy it for I took it. I'm really sorry" Leah said, with tears running down her face. She held the necklace out. "We came to bring it back." The woman took the necklace, smiled, and thanked them for bringing it back. Meredith apologized again, and they left. They drove home silently, both thinking about the same thing- the spoon. They were both dreading it, but both knew that it would happen.

"Mere?" Leah said.

"Uh huh?"
"Are you still mad at me?"

"I am sweetie. I'm very disappointed in you" Leah again looked out the window and said nothing. When they pulled in the driveway they silently got out and went inside. John was back from work, and was getting supper ready.

"Hi guys" John said, and Meredith said hi back. Leah said nothing.

"Can I go up to my room?" Leah asked quietly, and without expression.

"Yes you may, until supper's ready" Meredith said, and Leah quickly left, wanting to be alone. Meredith turned to John. "We just came from the store, I made her bring the necklace back and apologize."

"How'd that go?"

"Not bad, she was very polite. But then again, she had to be, I spanked her, and I'm going to spank her again tonight with a wooden spoon. Do you think that's okay John? Using a spoon?"

"I think that what she did was really bad, and that you should do whatever you think will work. She was SO good for like...a month! How does it go from that to this in just a flash?"

"I wish I knew. I wish I knew that we're doing the right thing."

"We are. Just being here with her and loving her is the right thing" John said, wrapping his arms around Meredith and kissing her forehead.

When dinner was ready John went upstairs and knocked on Leah's door. She didn't answer, so he let himself in. She was sitting on her chair by the window looking out.

"Leah honey, dinner's ready."

"I don't feel like eating right now" she said without looking away from the window.

"Are you sure?" Leah didn't respond, so John went back downstairs and asked Meredith what was up. Together they decided that Leah was being sulky because she didn't want to be in trouble, and that she would have to come down to dinner. Whether she ate or not, she had to come and sit at the table. They both went back upstairs and went in.

"Leah we'd like you to come down. If you're not hungry it's okay, but you're going to come down and sit at the table"John explained kindly. Leah didn't respond or look at them. Meredith approached her and kneeled down to look at her sister.

"What's up Leah" she asked. Finally Leah turned to face them.

"I don't want another spanking! It hurts too much, and what I did wasn't even that bad!" she cried. John also moved close to Leah. Pointing his finger at her, he said

"Yes, what you did WAS that bad Leah. I've seen so many trials where people go to jail for stealing. To JAIL Leah...for years. That won't be you. Stealing is WRONG, and Meredith and I will not tolerate it under any circumstances. I understand that you're upset about being punished, but Leah, that's what happens when you break a rule. You're punished. And the fact that you think that what you did wasn't that bad demonstrates to us that we do need to punish you severely for this. It's our job to teach you right from wrong, and this is the only way you'll learn. Can you understand that?" John said sternly, but not meanly or angrily. Leah nodded and whispered that she did understand.

"Good. Now please get up and come down to dinner" he said, and Leah slowly stood up, walked past them down to the kitchen, and sat down. As they ate John and Meredith talked about their days, lives...normal chatter. They tried to bring Leah into the conversation at every possible point, but she would mutter an answer as politely as she could to avoid more trouble, but was very quiet. As Meredith took Leah's plate of uneaten food away from her place, she sealed Leah's fate.

"I'd like you to go up to your room and stand in the corner please Leah. I'll be up to talk to you shortly" Leah again, didn't say anything, but did as she was told. Meredith stayed downstairs for a while talking herself into spanking her sister for a second time in the same day. She knew that Leah had to learn this lesson, and that spanking her with a wooden spoon would certainly be very effective, but it broke her heard to see Leah crying and so upset because of pain that she had inflicted. She knew that it was ultimately Leah's fault, and that she should be held responsible for her actions, but it was still hard. After convincing herself of this, Meredith went upstairs to Leah's room, softly closed the door behind her, and approached her.

"You can turn around now" she said softly. And Leah slowly did, still looking at the floor. "I'd like you to look at me when I'm talking to you please" Leah looked up and shakily made eye contact with Meredith. "You know that stealing is wrong. I know that. I think your greed took over, and that's not acceptable. I understand that I was angry when I asked you about the necklace, but you should have told me the truth. Right?"

"Yes" she said quietly.

"I don't want you to feel like you have to hide things from me. I know you were probably scared because I was so mad, but if you had just told the truth and not ran away from me, we wouldn't have to be dealing with this right now. Your actions have consequences, you know that as well as I do" she said, and then paused.

"I know. I shouldn't have lied, and I shouldn't have stolen the necklace in the first place. I'm so sorry I disappointed you."

"I know you are, and I know that after this, you'll think twice about repeating the same behaviour. I want to stress this Leah, I don't enjoy spanking you. It isn't fun for me, and it hurts me. But I have to, I wouldn't be a responsible parent if I didn't, and I think you're smart enough to understand that."

"I do, I'm sorry."

"Okay, good. Let's go to my office and deal with this, and hopefully we'll never have to again."

She took Leah's hand, and lead her out of her room, and across the hall into her office. She didn't let go of Leah's hand as she softly closed the door behind her, and went back to the chair that was used for their "discussion" earlier that day. The spoon was still sitting on the desk next to the chair where Meredith had left it, and at the sight of it, Leah's stomach filled with butterflies, and a sick feeling.

"Mere, you don't have to do this. I understand! What I did was wrong! Pleeeease don't!" Leah pleaded desperately as Meredith made her way over to the chair, pulling Leah along with her. Sitting down, she took Leah by both of her hands, and held them tightly.

"Leah, I DO have to do this. No more complaining" she said more sternly than their conversation had been thus far. She released Leah's hands and pulled her close. She, once again, unbuttoned Leah's jeans and tugged them down, exposing the white and purple panties for the second time that day. Leah was already in tears as Meredith pulled her over her lap, and this time secured Leah in place immediately by holding her hanging legs between her own. Leah gripped onto the bottom of Meredith's leg to stabalize herself. Meredith hooked her fingers into the waistband of Leah's panties and pulled them down to just below her bottom, mid-thighs, before she started spanking. This worried Leah.

"Tell me why you're being punished Leah."

"Because I stole, and then lied about it" she said through her tears.

"Thank you" Meredith said, and with that, she picked up the spoon, and slapped it down sharply on one of Leah's cheeks, and then quickly slapped it onto the other one. She surprised herself with the intense sound the spoon made hitting the skin, and the intense sting certainly surprised Leah, which was made evident when she cried out in pain right away. Meredith continued spanking her bottom from the right cheek to the left, somewhat quickly, and very sharply. Leah's bottom was beginning to turn a purplish colour, and with this Meredith moved her focus to the spot where the bottom meets the thighs. She slowed down, and with each spank Leah yelled out, and then flung her hand back. Luckily Meredith saw this in time and stopped quickly.

"Hey! What did I tell you earlier about reaching your hand back!" Meredith said sharply.

"I know, but please, please stop! It hurts too much...pleeeeeease!!" Meredith wasn't in the mood to play bargaining games with her sister, so she quickly grabbed onto Leah's small hand and pinned it at the small of her back, which caused Leah to cry even harder. Meredith continued spanking this area until it too was a purplish colour, and Leah was crying and struggling more than Meredith might have imagined. She then turned her focus to the upper thighs. She delivered four of her hardest spanks to each thigh, and Leah cried out even louder at this, but was completely unable to do anything about it. She was trapped in her place, and had no choice but to accept her punishment. The entire time Meredith was spanking her thighs, Leah cried out an almost continuous "NOOOOO" After this, she went back to Leah's bottom and decided to finish up after delivering a few well-placed, and heavy spanks to each cheek. She then set the spoon back on the desk, put Leah's panties back into place, pulled her jeans back up, and rubbed her back as Leah cried. When Leah tried to rub her bottom, Meredith gently pushed her hands away, and said "No" Several minutes later Leah's breathing had gone back to normal, and Meredith pulled her into her lap.

"I'm so sorry Mere, I won't steal again" she said through her soft crying.

"I know. I love you kiddo" she said, and pulled her sister into a big hug. She then released her, lifted her off her lap, and took her by her hand and lead her to the corner. She placed her hands on her head. "I'd like you to stay like this until I tell you otherwise."

"Why?!" Leah cried, instinctively taking her hands off her head.

"Because Leah," Meredith said, gently placing her sister's hands back ontop of her head, "you're being punished, and I'd like for you to physically feel the pain that you caused John and I today. When you're finished standing in the corner, you may rub your bottom as much as you like, but you're punishment won't be over until I say so, and until then, you're to keep your hands on your head. I'll be at the desk working, and if you rub your bottom, you'll be right back over my knee. Do you understand?"



Meredith sat down at her desk to return emails, and glanced up at her sister every so often to make sure she was doing as she was told. About 15 minutes later, she told her to come out of the corner, wrapped her arms around her, and told her that her punishment was now over. Leah apologized again, and went into her room. She immediately took her pants and panties off, and cried herself to sleep.

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Angie said...

Again, just shivery scary good. Lying earns the naughty one a seccond spanking in our house as well.

This is such an excellent series.