Sunday, November 23, 2008

Leah 14

As the end of the week approached Leah became more apprehensive. She had been very well-behaved after John spanked her, and showed him the respect that she usually did. She remained grounded, and did so obediently, not going anywhere without John's permission and accompaniment. Despite Leah's prayers and hopes, Friday eventually came and she had to face Meredith, who had promised her a "much worse spanking" than John had given her, which had hurt plenty.

Leah was in her room reading when she heard the door open. She heard some commotion coming from their dog Shep and then heard Meredith's bubbly, friendly greeting to Shep and John. Despite her fear Leah was extremely happy that Meredith was home. She had never been away from her for an entire week before. She tossed her book onto the bed, not caring that she lost her page, and ran downstairs into Meredith's open arms.

"Meredith! I missed you!" Leah cried happily. Meredith hugged her tightly.

"Missed you too baby" she said, kissing the top of Leah's head.

They all went into the kitchen. Leah and Meredith sat down on island stools and John poured a cup of freshly brewed coffee, and set it down infront of his wife.

"Thanks honey" Meredith said sweetly, scrunching up her face jokingly. He leaned in and kissed her.

"So how was the rest of the book tour?" John asked, sitting down across from them.

"Amazing. It was just great to be able to meet so many people, and so many of them had ideas to give me and suggestions for future books"

"That's great" John said.

"And Leah, you would have loved to see some of the kids! There were adorable little 3 year olds coming up and telling me that they wanted to be a cook because of me. It was so touching"

"Did you take lots of pictures?" Leah asked.

"I sure did, and tomorrow after I develop them we'll have to have a scrapbooking date!"

"Sweet!" Leah said, secretly hoping that she'd forgotten everything that Leah did.

"And...." Meredith started as she reached into the bag that sat by her feet, "Look what I found!" she pulled out a glass donkey figurine. "A glass donkey!" John and Meredith had a thing for donkeys, and collected figurines to decorate their kitchen.

"Oh cool! We don't have a glass one!" John exclaimed, taking the donkey and admiring it.

"And I got you...this shirt!" she said, pulling out a rocker t-shirt, another collection that John was working on.

"Aw thanks baby!" he said, kissing her.

Leah looked at Meredith shyly and asked "Did you bring anything for me Mere?"

"I did, but I bought it before John told me about your behaviour. I couldn't return it, but you won't be getting it until your behaviour improves" she said firmly. Leah's heart sank. She did remember.

"What is it?" Leah asked hopefully.

"It's a Nintendo DS" Meredith said. Leah didn't usually like video games, but had been begging for a DS since she played with one at a friend's house and fell in love with it.

"Really?" Leah asked, brightening.

"Yes, really. But don't get too excited, you're not going to be playing it anytime soon." Leah looked away, wiping a tear that had gotten away from her. "So, we have a lot to talk about don't we young lady?" Meredith asked. Leah nodded sadly. "Have you been behaving since we last talked?" Meredith asked.

"Yes" Leah said respectfully.

"John?" Meredith asked.

"She's been very good"

"Good, I'm glad to here that your spanking from John was effective" Meredith said. Leah blushed and looked away, embarassed. "Look Leah," Meredith said gently, "I know we said that John would never spank you, but we didn't know what else to do. We were very worried that something could have happened to you. You weren't where you said you'd was night time, you could have been anywhere." Meredith took hold of one of Leah's hands, and Leah finally looked at her. "We just didn't want something bad to happen to you sweetie. It's dangerous to be out at night alone, and we didn't want you to get hurt"

"I know that. I wasn't alone, but I know you guys didn't know that. I'm sorry" Leah said genuinely.

"I'm just....I'm so disappointed that I couldn't leave you alone for one short week without you getting into trouble! I so want to trust you Leah, but I just can't" Meredith lectured. "John is so kind to you, and he would do anything for you, and you treated him so horribly. I'm so embarassed that you did that" she said.

"I'm sorry" Leah said, obviously near tears. "I wasn't doing anything because I wanted to disappoint you and John. I was mad! I was mad that I couldn't see Mom and Dad, and I wanted to....I wanted to get back at you" Leah said, the last part very quietly.

"Sweetie, I understand that you're upset about that, but you have to trust me. You have to trust that I do what's best for you. It's okay to be mad at me, and it's okay to tell me that you're mad and we can talk about it. But it's not okay to lash out at John to get some sort of revenge on me. That's immature and irresponsible, and trust me Leah, this is the last time anything like that will happen, I'm going to make sure of it." Meredith said, not so gently. That last sentence really got Leah's attention and her heart began to race, and her stomach knot.

"I....I know" Leah stammered nervously. "John punished me, and I apologized, and I was good for the rest of the week. I wasn't thinking. I know now that what I did was wrong, and I promise, I'll never do anything like that again" she said.

"John did punish you, for disobeying him. But I'm going to have to punish you as well. You disobeyed me, and lied, and you acted horribly. I take this sort of behaviour very seriously Leah, it isn't a joke. You could have been seriously hurt, and nobody would have known. Not to mention the trust issue we now have. I think it would be best if we dealt with this right away, so I would like you, please, to go up to my room, find a corner, and stand in it. Understand?"

"Yes" Leah said tearfully, and ran upstairs. She figured that there was point in running, it would only make things worse for her. She did as she was told, found an empty corner near the window, and stood in it. She had nothing to do but think. Unfortunately, the longer she thought about it, the more convinced she became that this was all her sister's fault. She should have let her see their parents! If she had, none of this would have been happening. Although on a rational level Leah knew that she was just trying to pass the blame off on someone else, but she was upset, andn when she was upset she didn't think rationally. Besides, she was too old to be spanked. None of her friends were (she didn't think), and there was no way she was giving in to this punishment easily. She had already been punished! Meredith was, in Leah's very upset and panicky mind, being extremely unfair. Leah huffed in frustration, turned around, and stomped out of the room, across the hall into her own room, slammed the door, and flopped down on her large over-stuffed chair, crossing her arms angrily.

About a half hour later Meredith came upstairs to find her bedroom empty.

"Leah?" she called out to...the empty room, not knowing what kind of answer to expect. She turned around and noticed that Leah's bedroom door was closed. She crossed the hall and opened the door to see Leah sitting, angrily in her chair.

"What are you doing?" Meredith said, entering the room, and sitting on the end of Leah's bed to face her in the chair.

"You're not giving me a spanking" Leah said through clenched teeth.

"Excuse me?" Meredith asked, shocked and considerably angry.

"You heard me" Leah said sarcasitcally. Meredith didn't want to use force to make Leah cooperate, so she decided on talking it out.

"First, I'd like you to lose the attitude" she said firmly. "Second, you know better than to argue with a punishment. If you don't march yourself back across the hall and into my room right now, you're going to be in a lot more trouble young lady" Leah didn't move. Meredith stared at her with "the look" on her face, and waited. Still, nobody moved.

"Is there something you'd like to talk about?" she asked. Leah said nothing for a few minutes, but Meredith waited. Finally she spoke, not as bravely.

"John already spanked me" she said quietly, losing her nerve, and looking down.

"Yes, I'm aware of that, but that doesn't change the fact that I'm punishing you now. Is that all that's bothering you? I told you on the phone that you'd be getting a spanking when I got home, so it's not a surprise" Leah was silent for another moment.

"Did you see Mom?"

"No sweetie, I didn't."

"For real?"

"Yes, for real. They called and said that something came up, they were busy."


"We can talk about that later, no more stalling. I want you in my room NOW" Meredith said, not allowing herself to be swayed by the little girl's hurt feelings.

"No, I said" Leah replied, not nearly as bravely as she had started out.

"You will not say no to me Leah. Go!" Although frightened, Leah still didn't move. "I've had enough of this Leah," Meredith said, standing up, firmly grasping Leah's upper arm, and pulling out of the chair.

"Don't!" Leah protested, but to no avail. Meredith practically dragged her across the hall and into her room, only releasing her to close the door and stand in front of it, blocking Leah's only escape. Knowing she was now trapped, Leah started to cry. She turned around to face a wall and buried her head in her hands and cried. Meredith went to her and wrapped her arms around her, holding her until she calmed down enough to talk to. Meredith released her a little, but still held onto her.

"What's wrong Leah?" she asked sympathetically.

"Nothing" she sniffled.

"Why are you so upset? Is it because you're getting a spanking, or is it for some other reason?"

"I don't know" Leah said, unable to figure out what was really wrong herself.

"Do you want me to leave you here for a little while so you can calm down and have some time to yourself?" she asked. Leah nodded. "Alright, hop up" Meredith said, tapping her bed, and handing Leah the tv remote. "I'll be back in a half an hour....don't leave this room okay?"

"Okay" Leah said, and Meredith left. Leah curled up on the large bed and hugged a pillow close.
Meredith returned, as promised, a half hour later to find Leah exactly as she left her. As soon as she entered the room Leah sat up.

"I'm sorry" she said immediately. "I was....I was just really frustrated."

"It's okay to be frustrated, but you need to learn to deal with it differently. You can't disobey me and fight with me anymore okay?"

"I know...sorry" Leah said quietly.

Leah wanted to badly to communicate with Meredith about why she was upset, but she herself wasn't sure, and Meredith knew this. She didn't push it.

"Are you ready to deal with this?" Meredith asked more kindly.

"I guess" Leah said quietly, looking away.

"Good. Can you tell me why you think I'm so upset?"

"Because.....I treated John really badly, I lied to him, and when you left I told you I'd be good and I wasn' I lied to you too." Leah responded, looking away.

"Yes, you're right" she said, gently pulling Leah up and off the bed. She sat down, and held Leah in front of her. She unbuttoned her jeans as she spoke, and slowly pulled them down. "And you knew exactly what was expected of you while I was away. We talked about it, and you said that you'd behave and listen to John. And you didn't. This is serious, I need to know that I can leave you for a couple days without worrying that you'll make John's life miserable" she lectured. Leah looked away, a tear falling down her face.

"Look at me please Leah" Meredith said gently, and Leah looked back at her sister, struggling to keep eye contact.

Meredith hooked her fingers in Leah's snug, plain blue panties and, still looking into Leah's eyes and lecturing her, pulled them down to rest just above her knees. Leah gasped a little, but did nothing. Meredith pulled Leah over her lap, pulled her close with one arm, and began spanking with the other.

The first spank took Leah's off guard. Usually Meredith didn't start off so hard. Her hand felt like a solid piece of wood! She alternated between cheeks, spanking with force, but not great speed. Before long Leah was gasping, and soon after that, crying. Meredith didn't leave any area of Leah's small bottom untouched, and before long it was glowing bright pink. Leah was kicking and struggling, and Meredith had to tighten her grip.

"Please.....please stop!" Leah cried, sniffling. Meredith ignored her, and continued, moving from her bottom to her thighs. This made Leah cry harder.

"No! Stop! It hurts too much!"

"It's supposed to hurt Leah, and this is just the beginning"

Upon hearing this horrible news Leah bunched the comforter up in her hands, put her head down, and cried, while occasionally crying out a long "Noooo"

Meredith continued, restraining Leah as best she could. Once she had achieved an even deep pink colour, she stopped. She helped Leah up, and had her step out of her panties. Her pants had flown off long ago. She led her to the corner, and placed her in it. Leah reached back and attempted to rub her bottom, against her better judgement. Meredith delivered two firm and stinging swats to her upper thighs.

"Owww!" Leah cried, turning around.

"You know better than that" Meredith lectured, gently turning Leah back around to face the corner. "No rubbing, and no turning around, understand?"

"Yes" Leah sniffled, and then continued to cry.

She could hear Meredith shuffling around behind her, but didn't dare turn around again. Meredith was digging through her drawers looking for the belt that she usually used on Leah...although it had only been used twice in the past. Although some might not agree that this was a serious enough offence to warrant application of the belt, Meredith took this very seriously. In her mind Leah could have been killed while she was out, and nobody would have known because nobody knew where she was. Eventually she found the inch and a half wide plain brown belt. She took it out of the drawer, and placed it on the bed. She approached Leah, and turned her around. She was still crying softly. At first glance she didn't notice anything different. But then her gaze swept across the bed and she saw the belt.

"Nooo" she cried, breaking out in sobs.

"Yes Leah. What you did was very serious, so we have to deal with it very seriously" Meredith chided. She gave Leah a minute to calm down a little, and accepting her fate, she did. Meredith led her over to the end of the bed and bent her over it. Once in position over the tall bed Leah's feet didn't touch the floor. She felt so helpless. Meredith handed her a pillow.

"Hold onto this. I don't want to see your hands behind you once. Understand?"

"Yes" Leah responded pitifully, in such a way that made Meredith so sad that she had to do this.

Meredith moved behind Leah to one side, picked up the belt, and doubled it, holding the buckle in her hand. She placed her other hand on Leah's lower back and pressed down, securing her somewhat in place. She didn't waste any time in delivering the first spank. She held the belt away from her and swung it sharply, but not too forcefully onto the middle of Leah's already-pink bottom.

"Ahhh-owwwww!" Leah cried, surprised. It had been quite a while since she last felt the bite of leather, and had forgotten just how much it stung. Her feet instinctively shot up, bending at her knees. Meredith gave her a few seconds, and when she still didn't more her feet Meredith tapped them gently with the belt.

"Feet down Leah" she said firmly but kindly, and Leah reluctantly complied.

She pressed down harder on Leah's back and continued to deliver several very fast spanks with the belt, which left Leah screaming out and crying.

"Stop.....please stop" she sobbed, but didn't move.

Meredith then slapped the belt down a bit gentler onto Leah's thighs. She quickly spanked every inch, moving from the crease of her bottom to just above her knees. Leah screamed the whole time, and Meredith had to numb herself from the noise. She then went back up, leaving her thighs a deep pink colour, with a couple tiny darker areas that would likely turn into bruises. Meredith decided to finish up and delivered four extra hard spanks to the middle of her bottom, all int he same place. Leah again, let out one long howl, expressing her pain.

Meredith put the belt down, sat down next to Leah and rubbed her back.

"I'm finished sweetie, it's over" she said, smoothing her now tangled hair.

It took Leah a good few minutes until she tried to get up, but the movement hurt her bottom and made her cry more. Once standing she tried to reach back and rub her stinging bottom but Meredith caught her hands and held them.

"Not yet" she said gently, looking at her sister's tear-streaked, red face and messed hair. Leah jumped up and down a little, and cried through gritted teeth. Meredith pulled her close, still holding her hands tightly so that she had to feel the pain just a little while longer, which Meredith thought, emphasized her point....which it certainly did.

Leah leaned against her sister and cried.

After a few minutes Leah stopped crying as hard, and was just sniffling a little. Meredith let go of her hands.

"Your punishment is over.... you can rub" she said. And immediately Leah's hands gently rubbed her throbbing bottom. "I'm going to leave you to get dressed okay? And you can come down when you're ready"

"Okay" Leah said weakly. "I'm sorry."

"It's okay, I forgive you" she said smiling, and left the room, softly closing the door behind her.
After a few minutes of rubbing Leah gathered her clothes and opened the door a crack. She looked up and down the hall, didn't see John, and walked across the hall. She definately didn't want him seeing her naked bottom. She went into her room, closed the door, sucked back her tears, dropped her panties and pants in her laundry hamper, and slipped on a loose fitting peasant-type skirt. She carefully lay in her bed on her stomach to cry some more.

Meredith was downstairs with John starting dinner, and secretly worried that Leah would be mad at her and not come down. But, sure enough, about a half hour later Leah came down the stairs, went straight into the kitchen and went to Meredith, and hugged her. Meredith hugged her back.

"I'm so sorry Mere" she said genuinely.

"Thank you sweetie" she said, and released her. She then turned to John.

"And I'm really really sorry for treating you how I did" she said, walking toward John and wrapping her arms around him. He held her in a strong hug for as long as she wanted. When she pulled away she asked if she could help with dinner, and all was forgiven.


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She's such a little sweety.

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Do u write stories as well i would like to read

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They told her John would not spank her then he did. It proves their word was worthless and good only as long as it was convenient to them. A great teaching point, but unfortunately a bad point.